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Given the recent evidence of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government, should the US take military action? »

(1,815 votes - closed)

North Korea's tough talk: Are you concerned? »

(4,488 votes - closed)

Are you concerned that Iran might be developing a nuclear weapon? »

(4,913 votes - closed)

If more people switched to a vegan diet, could it help end world hunger? »

(2,263 votes - closed)

Would you ever want to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony (a demanding Amazonian rite that uses a psychoactive healing brew)? »

(1,960 votes - closed)

What region of the world do you most want to visit? »

(1,921 votes - closed)

If you had the chance, would you want to live on another planet? »

(1,814 votes - closed)

Do you think the world is safer now 10 years after 9/11? »

(801 votes - closed)

Do you think photos of Osama Bin Laden's body should be released to the public? »

(1,659 votes - closed)

Was the team of Navy SEALs justified in shooting Osama Bin Laden even though he was unarmed? »

(1,660 votes - closed)

How do you feel now that Osama Bin Laden is dead? »

(1,288 votes - closed)

Do you support the enforcement of a no-fly zone in Libya? »

(3,133 votes - closed)

If you donated to Japan, which organization did you go through? »

(2,596 votes - closed)

Is restricting the number of children per family ever acceptable? »

(3,639 votes - closed)

Has your government invested enough in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria? »

(3,492 votes - closed)

Have you donated to Pakistan to help with efforts after the floods? »

(3,686 votes - closed)

Has there been enough media attention on the flooding in Pakistan, as compared to Haiti? »

(3,810 votes - closed)

Who do you think will win the World Cup? »

(4,017 votes - closed)

Will you watch the World Cup? »

(1,417 votes - closed)

How many languages can you speak fluently? »

(1,695 votes - closed)

A Care2 blogger has suggested that more women in top levels of government would make it easier to seek peace. What do you think? »

(4,306 votes - closed)

If you donated to Haiti, what organization did you go through? »

(1,334 votes - closed)

Do you believe it's possible to achieve change through non-violent resistance? »

(1,381 votes - closed)

Does U.S. President Obama deserve to have won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? »

(8,467 votes - closed)

Should the U.S. continue to fight the war in Afghanistan?  »

(1,182 votes - closed)

Is it socially irresponsible for parents to have many children?  »

(2,964 votes - closed)

Should the U.S. get involved in Iran's disputed election results? »

(1,024 votes - closed)

How should the US respond to N. Korea's nuclear weapons and missile build-up? With... »

(7,976 votes - closed)

Would you still consider traveling to Mexico despite all the recent violence? »

(1,095 votes - closed)

Do you worry about your finances on a regular basis? »

(8,050 votes - closed)

While a ceasefire holds in Gaza, what should humanitarian groups focus on most? »

(4,489 votes - closed)

Will there ever be peace in Gaza? »

(4,590 votes - closed)

Who is most hurt by the global economic crisis? »

(4,175 votes - closed)

What is your reaction to reoccurring reports of piracy off the coast of Somalia? »

(3,758 votes - closed)

Is Israel's use of massive force against Hamas a good strategy? »

(1,323 votes - closed)

After the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, do you think the U.S. can help diffuse the situation between India in Pakistan? »

(5,712 votes - closed)

Do you support a nuclear weapons-free world?  »

(4,727 votes - closed)

What's the best way to remember the events of Sep. 11, 2001? »

(2,641 votes - closed)

Have you ever lived in a country other than the one you were born in? »

(9,502 votes - closed)

Do you still follow what's going on in Iraq? »

(1,071 votes - closed)

How closely are you paying attention to the Summer Olympics? »

(1,688 votes - closed)

Do you think the Iraqi government is paying its fair share of reconstruction costs? »

(1,671 votes - closed)

Is it OK for Border Patrol agents to search the contents of laptops to enforce laws and secure the borders?  »

(1,486 votes - closed)

Which humanitarian crisis should be the biggest priority for international aid?  »

(8,298 votes - closed)

With Israel and Iran trading threats, do you think the countries will go to war? »

(896 votes - closed)

Do you think everyone in the world should speak the same language? »

(7,132 votes - closed)

Do you believe the embassies of Myanmar are doing everything possible to enable the U.N. and humanitarian aid groups to reach the Burmese people in the aftermath of cyclone Nargis? »

(882 votes - closed)

Should the U.S. boycott the Olympics in China? »

(5,131 votes - closed)

Five years from now, do you believe the world's reliance on oil will be more, the same, or less than it is now? »

(6,535 votes - closed)

Do you believe your country has a moral obligation to stop genocide, even if that means going to war? »

(7,043 votes - closed)

Do you think Osama Bin Laden will be captured in 2008? »

(5,718 votes - closed)

Do you think the U.S. troop surge in Iraq has helped? »

(3,355 votes - closed)

Should impoverished farmers in poor countries be encouraged to grow crops genetically modified to thrive in harsh climates? »

(6,043 votes - closed)

Should the United States continue to support President Pervez Musharraf's government in Pakistan? »

(1,666 votes - closed)

If Iran gets close to developing a nuclear weapon, should the US take military action to destroy Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons? »

(4,863 votes - closed)

Do you think the way the U.S. government supports Israel is in the best interest of the U.S.? »

(5,827 votes - closed)

Do you think the U.S. should withdraw its military forces from Iraq today, even if that means civil order is not restored there? »

(3,659 votes - closed)

If the US withdraws from Iraq now, will it be even more deadly for the people of Iraq? »

(2,521 votes - closed)

Will there be a devastating global pandemic sometime during the next 10 years? »

(5,274 votes - closed)

Are you concerned about the quality and safety of Chinese imports? »

(6,098 votes - closed)

Where would you most like to travel? »

(5,011 votes - closed)

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