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children & family

Do you feel appreciated by your family? »

(4,831 votes - closed)

Should parents stop their children from eating salty foods? »

(2,879 votes - closed)

Have you ever gotten a divorce? »

(2,460 votes - closed)

Do you like to have alone time? »

(3,100 votes - closed)

Did you go to summer camp when you were a child? »

(2,123 votes - closed)

What do you think about attachment parenting? »

(1,793 votes - closed)

Is it unhealthy for children to be raised by a single parent? »

(2,101 votes - closed)

In child custody cases, should the obesity of a parent be a factor in the decision? »

(1,823 votes - closed)

What is your favorite part of summertime? »

(1,793 votes - closed)

Have you tried double dating? »

(1,527 votes - closed)

Should kindergarten teachers be evaluated based on student ratings? »

(1,565 votes - closed)

Is veganism a healthy diet for children? »

(1,829 votes - closed)

Should parents ban junk food from kids? »

(883 votes - closed)

Should children under the age of 5 be taught about death?  »

(1,979 votes - closed)

Can early exposure to alcohol promote responsible drinking? »

(1,928 votes - closed)

Should "pink slime" meat be banned in schools? »

(806 votes - closed)

Should children under the age of 10 play with Smart Phones? »

(1,995 votes - closed)

How much time should toddlers spend in front of the TV? »

(1,995 votes - closed)

Could you forgive, and stay with, a cheating spouse? »

(2,148 votes - closed)

Where have you gotten parenting advice?  »

(2,475 votes - closed)

How ideal was your upbringing? »

(2,754 votes - closed)

Were you competitive with your siblings as a child? »

(2,724 votes - closed)

Do you have family meals?  »

(2,723 votes - closed)

Should all children be screened for autism? »

(2,658 votes - closed)

Should circumcision be banned for boys under 18? »

(5,414 votes - closed)

Should it be illegal to breastfeed children 2 years and up in public?  »

(3,130 votes - closed)

Is 13 years old too young to have a Facebook account? »

(3,203 votes - closed)

Should child labor laws be repealed in the US? »

(3,208 votes - closed)

Should infidelity be considered a crime? »

(3,469 votes - closed)

Do you think birth order affects personality? »

(3,760 votes - closed)

Should pregnant women get special parking privileges? »

(4,032 votes - closed)

Should sex education address issues like monogamy? »

(3,868 votes - closed)

Is marriage a fundamental human right? »

(3,933 votes - closed)

Should future parents be able to choose the sex of their baby? »

(4,126 votes - closed)

Will you spend less on gifts this year than in previous years? »

(3,679 votes - closed)

If a child is overweight, should the child's school contact parents to discuss diet? »

(3,539 votes - closed)

Is it too late for children to breastfeed when they are old enough to talk?  »

(3,549 votes - closed)

Is marriage obsolete? »

(3,618 votes - closed)

Should employers be more mindful of working fathers? »

(3,552 votes - closed)

Are school lunches to blame for childhood obesity? »

(3,556 votes - closed)

Are clothes made for young girls today too sexy? »

(3,766 votes - closed)

Which is worse for children to see on TV? »

(4,261 votes - closed)

Do vending machines belong in schools? »

(3,788 votes - closed)

Do we need a national outreach effort to stop teen suicide related to bullying? »

(3,482 votes - closed)

Is circumcision an outdated practice? »

(3,591 votes - closed)

Do you feel comfortable vaccinating your kids? »

(3,587 votes - closed)

Can open relationships work? »

(3,925 votes - closed)

Is it okay for a pregnant woman to have an occasional glass of wine? »

(3,863 votes - closed)

Should McDonald's stop including toys in their Happy Meals? »

(4,118 votes - closed)

Are zoos educational enough? »

(3,923 votes - closed)

Should mothers breastfeed in private? »

(3,985 votes - closed)

How do you plan to celebrate Father's Day? »

(3,414 votes - closed)

Are little girls too sexualized today? »

(4,421 votes - closed)

What's your favorite way to celebrate Mother's Day? »

(3,574 votes - closed)

When applying to adopt a child or become a foster parent, should one's sexual orientation be a factor? »

(3,845 votes - closed)

In Massachusetts, a teenager was bullied so relentlessly that she commited suicide. In cases like these, how should justice be served? »

(3,815 votes - closed)

President Obama will give the commencement address to one high school each year hes in office. The school will be chosen based on improvement. Is this a good use of the President's time?  »

(1,135 votes - closed)

Are girls being sexualized by the media at too young of an age?  »

(1,750 votes - closed)

At what age should drinking alcohol become legal? »

(1,856 votes - closed)

Would you be honest with your kids about your past drug or alcohol use? »

(1,368 votes - closed)

Would you consider staying with a partner or spouse that cheated? »

(1,580 votes - closed)

If you casually observe someone mistreating their kid in public, do you have a right to say something to them? »

(1,374 votes - closed)

Do parents have a moral responsibility to vaccinate their children? »

(3,756 votes - closed)

Do you spend more money on necessities for you or for your children? »

(2,053 votes - closed)

Should children be taught about gay marriage in school? »

(8,921 votes - closed)

What is your favorite summer activity? »

(10,039 votes - closed)

Is it a good idea for every child who participates in a sport to receive a trophy, regardless of how well they perform? »

(8,617 votes - closed)

Do you think people should be able to marry more than one person? »

(8,191 votes - closed)

Is your kid a picky eater? »

(6,526 votes - closed)

Do you think fertility drugs, which often result in multiple births, are ethical? »

(4,640 votes - closed)

Who do you believe is most to blame for teenagers' poor body image?  »

(6,875 votes - closed)

Which has a stronger impact on a child's success in life?  »

(6,513 votes - closed)

Have you ever been married? »

(7,552 votes - closed)

Should daily exercise be required for all students through high school? »

(9,404 votes - closed)

How often do you see your parents? »

(4,565 votes - closed)

When picking up your kids from school, do you leave your car running while you are waiting or do you turn it off to save gas and reduce emissions? »

(8,971 votes - closed)

How many kids do you have? »

(8,970 votes - closed)

Do you consider yourself grown up? »

(8,616 votes - closed)

Did you have a happy childhood? »

(8,893 votes - closed)

Do you think it's a good idea for children to take martial arts classes? »

(8,952 votes - closed)

Do you think movies that include smoking should automatically be rated "R"? »

(4,712 votes - closed)

What do you consider the MOST harmful influence on youth today? »

(7,239 votes - closed)

Should toy weapons, including guns and swords, be banned from production? »

(6,737 votes - closed)

What do you think of the California Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ban on gay marriage?  »

(820 votes - closed)

Do you believe your parents did the best they could when they were raising you? »

(6,466 votes - closed)

How do you feel about the concept of zero population growth? »

(6,189 votes - closed)

Do you think the driving age of 16 should be increased? »

(6,904 votes - closed)

Do you think young children should be allowed to play violent video games? »

(5,954 votes - closed)

Does breastfeeding in public make you uncomfortable? »

(5,164 votes - closed)

Do you think sex education should be taught in schools? »

(3,399 votes - closed)

How much allowance do you give your kids? »

(5,810 votes - closed)

How important do you think it is for a family to sit down to a meal together? »

(2,216 votes - closed)

Do you think schools have a responsibility to offer healthier food choices for kids? »

(4,515 votes - closed)

Should public schools require school uniforms? »

(8,201 votes - closed)

Overall, for you and your family, 2007 was: »

(706 votes - closed)

Did you receive any "eco-friendly" gifts this year? »

(944 votes - closed)

Did you make any of the gifts you gave this year? »

(707 votes - closed)

Will you be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? »

(2,044 votes - closed)

Should smoking be outlawed in all apartments and condos to avoid second-hand exposure to neighbors? »

(5,931 votes - closed)

A 10-year-old started one of the recent massive fires in Southern California while playing with matches. What should be done? »

(902 votes - closed)

What do you plan to give out to Halloween trick-or-treaters? »

(1,374 votes - closed)

Do you think playing sports builds character in children? »

(1,131 votes - closed)

Should middle schools provide birth control for students? »

(3,537 votes - closed)

Do you agree with President Bush's veto of the child health insurance bill? »

(1,024 votes - closed)

Do you believe spanking is an effective way to discipline your children? »

(1,010 votes - closed)

Do you think young people today have as strong a sense of right and wrong as they did 50 years ago? »

(864 votes - closed)

Do you think the legal driving age should be raised to 18? »

(5,992 votes - closed)

Which term best describes you? »

(3,493 votes - closed)

Have any of your children's toys been recalled? »

(3,200 votes - closed)

How do you get your kids thinking about community and world issues? »

(3,944 votes - closed)

Do you worry about the arsenic in wood playground structures? »

(2,587 votes - closed)

The federal government should raise taxes so it can provide more help for people who need it: »

(4,386 votes - closed)

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