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Now you can keep track of new and popular petitions through your RSS reader! Use the orange RSS buttons below to subscribe to site-wide petition feeds, or browse the PetitionSite's category pages to find feeds on specific areas of interest.
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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." RSS makes it easy for you to receive news and other updates from Care2 and the organizations you trust.

How does it work?

When you use a program called an RSS Reader, it automatically updates every hour or so to keep you informed on the topics you care about. You don't need to visit any website or deal with email spam - it's like your own personalized news service.

Care2 publishes action alerts and information from our nonprofit partners. When you subscribe to our RSS feeds, your RSS reader will alert you to the most recent urgent actions, updates, and success stories on the issues that concern you the most without you visiting our site or logging into your account.

How do I use Care2's RSS Feeds?

Clicking on one of our orange XML buttons will likely display an unreadable page. This is because RSS feeds are designed to be viewed by specific software programs called RSS Readers. You can read Care2's RSS feeds either through a stand-alone RSS reader, or via your email client or browser using RSS reader plugins (see below). There are also websites which display RSS feeds (such as My Yahoo). Once you install the reader of your choice, click on the XML button next to the feed you want to receive. Then copy that URL into your reader - you can subscribe to as many feeds as you want.

Popular readers include:

Stand-alone applications:

For Email Clients:
Thunderbird (built-in)

For Browsers:
IE: Pluck
Firefox: Sage

Web aggregates:
MyYahoo (requires Yahoo login)
Care2 RSS Syndication Policy makes some content on our site available as RSS feeds. Content available for syndication is denoted with a XML or RSS button. All content syndicated is subject to the following Terms of Use:

  1. All syndication is available entirely as is, with no warranties relating to its use.
  2. Care2 reserves the right to cancel this service without notice at any time.
  3. Materials available for syndication by Care2 (denoted by XML or RSS buttons) may be syndicated by individuals, organizations or companies for personal or commercial use (see below for additional considerations).
  4. reserves the right to deny syndication rights to any party.
  5. No modifications may be made to any of the materials syndicated. Acceptable changes are limited to typeface, typeface size, typeface color, and line breaks.
  6. No individual, organization or company may license, sell or otherwise assign use of's materials.
  7. All syndication must have a link back to the website: The appropriate reference link is located in the Channel link portion of the RSS feed.
  8. All syndication must include proper copyright notification as follows:

    Copyright © [Publication year] Inc. All rights reserved

  9. Content that is not made available for syndication (denoted by XML or RSS buttons) cannot be used or syndicated in any manner.
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