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Save The Rainforest

Come on around the world
Join in, give me your hands,
A human chain will grow
Around our planet.
Let it extend to see, to appreciate
Emerald green forests,
Sources of unspoiled beauty,
Foremost, please hear:
For Medicines.

Hold your horses,"Destruction"
Is your name.
Biggest enemy of conservation.
I know too well, follow its trail
Here in Africa.
Here, thanks to human and world
Efforts, once aware, reserved some
Species marked for extinction.

The success story will grow
From the Addo park, near
Port Elizabeth to the Serengeti,
At the foot of the Kilimanjaro.
In the South of the Americas
Six species are killed each day
Never to recover,
Gone from here forever.
Do we consciously realize?

Hello all citizens of this planet,
We all want and have the right
To the same life and to have a roof
Above our heads,
Just sit a moment to think.
We can each eat less, but let's live,
Spend this bit on the future
Of our next generation.

The forests around the mountains,
Rivers, the mighty Amazon,
Will all be lost, become a desert?
Will birds of prey, will kolibri
Just disappear, if we all
Selfishly devour?

Do we sample food for Eastern style
On chopsticks carved out of the
Soul of hardwoods?

Do you hear them cry?
Stop to use the woods for fancies,
Invent rather than destroy, the
Field is endless for technology.

This is a wake-up call
The dying sounds of all,
The hurt to trees, their wounds
Shriek out to us,
They thunder, they shout
Are we dumb?
My ears are full with noises
Of their death-cries.
Plant pines, growing
Fast to be consumed.
But all the herbs and all the bark
A Rain Forest does host,
Cannot be replaced at all
Once lost.

So join me poets, writers, artists,
Humans of all kinds and creeds,
Friends and lovers, feel the
Pangs to the heart when a tree
This is for immediate action, don't
Delay your concern,
Act now!


Save The Rainforest by Zoltan
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