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Lonesome George

Every now and then George
closes his
eyes for a few
centuries the stars

for the occasion

and the sun goes
out, his night
lit only by dream

"Hello, big boy," she says,
shell new and lustrous,
green as the deep sea;
and her eyes
deep as the dark gems
that glow deep
where it roots...

George, lifting his nose
still seeing her
behind his closed eyes

moves forward

slow as lava oozing
from the bottom
of the sea his scaled feet

like trees first planted
then pulled up from
their roots...

"I'm coming," he says.

Written by,
Steve Campbell

("Lonesome George" is the name given by biologists to the largest of the few surviving male Galapagos Tortoises of a species indigenous to one of the islands in the group. There are no surviving females.)

Lonesome George by Julie Neukomm
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