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Happy Midsummer!
Midsummer Flowers.

According to an ancient rite, sunrise or sundown on Midsummer's day was an auspicious time to gather together a magical bouquet consisting of nine different flowers, (Christians later changed the number to seven). 

By "sleeping on the bouquet" (inside or underneath the pillow),
boys and girls would receive dreams about their future mate. 

Best flowers would be: malört, groblad, krassing, nattskatta, kamomill, nässla, vildäpple, körvel och fänkål. 

(Wormwood, Greater Plaintain, Hoary Cress, Black Nightshade, Chamomile, Nettle, Wild Apple, Chervil and Fennel)

Some say you must choose your flowers naked and alone,
preferably from plants found near a crossroad. 

The custom is very much alive today and is the basis for an old
Swedish saying, *"Midsommarnatten är inte lång, men sätter
många vaggor igång."

*(Midsummer night is not long but sets many cradles a-rocking.)


Midsummer Flowers by Camilla Eriksson
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