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Deep in the landscape shadows fall

A rustling of leaves strums that call

For us to realise, nature’s yearnings,

All the indications, all the warnings.

Cooling in summer's heat a picnic

Below, absorbing many birdsong tales

Many couples’ murmurs, their cries

Lovers retreat, their secret sighs.

This one tree, a giant sturdy Lime

Occupying the centre of a green isle

Amidst the traffic, the near Town Hall

Growing for generations, proud and tall.

Respected by all the Young and Old

In Lime-green splendour mighty bold,

A bench below for the weary to rest,

Bluebird in his crown has built his nest.

His Cousin Red 'Luna' in North-USA

Been present here since a thousand years,

Lady Julia concerned, two years cared,

In the tree she lived for it to be spared.

Her living effort kept loggers at bay,

Its giant stem points proud to the sky

With lichens, insects for birds to peck

Never to be turned into someone's deck.

A tree, living connection to earth’s soil

Through anchored roots, and to the skies

Their jutting branches like hands will strive

With this lifeline to nature, to keep us alive.


By Zoltan


Trees by Zoltan
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