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The Tarpan was a wild horse that roamed Europe. It measured up to 148 cm and was mainly grey or buckskin, with a black lateral stroke along the back which is typical of primitive horses. It cannot be said, however, whether the Tarpan was a real ancient horse like the Przewalsky, or a domesticated horse that returned to wild, like the Mustangs of the American plains.

The Tarpan was extinct by the late middle-ages. Today, efforts are underway by German Zoos to rebreed the Tarpan, most successfully by the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. Also, the wild horses of Dülmen in Germany look much like the Tarpan, but this is merely coincidence. The original Tarpan can't be brought back.

Extinct Animals: The Tarpan (animated) by Diana Sasse
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