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This group discusses what real humans are, and how we can change ourselves and others to deserve the name humans.
After a few hundred-thousand years of human civilization and culture that is based on negative values such as abuse, lies, manipulation and false information, it is time to think about a change.
When we talk about an elite we usually think of a certain small group that believes to be better than the majority.
But an elite can be also a group with certain good qualities and does not be reduced by numbers like it is a club with limited membership
How often you asked yourself 'in what a kind of world am I living ?
Everything is going in the wrong direction but if I do not swim with the stream, I will be lost'.
As soon as you leave house you are in competition with nearly everyone. What can you get done in such a situation ?
They tell you so many things - many things enter only your unconscious mind - and you just swallow and accept it.
Policy, religion, the media... Everyone tells you what to desire, what you need, what you must fear...
You are a product - You are not yourself
But a product of what ?
You live in a democracy - a despotism and dominance of the majority in which minorities are always the losers, an unjust system everyone agrees to.
What if the majority is wrong ?
Or the majority makes wrong decisions because of having wrong information ?

A system that supports mainly the richest who make decisions for the poor.
With every election you legalize this system.
And later you complain as you expect that the politicians were there for humane and ethic reasons.
Or do you know the big mistake and support it because everyone does?

What is going on with us ?
Are we mad ?

Tell us what you think.
Do you really want a change ?

Many people say 'oh, we need a change in policy and things can get better'.
Really ?
Do you believe that ?
How many politicians would be there if it was a job for charity ?
So what is their motivation ?
To support and help you ?
How often do you need to vote till things get any better ?
Is a change possible with our human system of competition ?

Can we go on this way ?
Think about !
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