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{ else }   Alert: Fur Free Friday/ 23.11.2007
by sinziana B. (5 comments | 0 discussions) — The photographs you are about to view illustrate the abuse inflicted by the fur industry on more than 40 million animals, in all corners of the world.Unfortunately, still images are unable to convey other dreadful conditions these animals suffer on a ... more »

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{ else }   Alert: Stop the Human Beasts from Torturing animals!  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Petition
What you see in that picture is a horse bleeding to death. It's happening in a city in Romania. He was hit by a car and his owner decided to kill him to get rid of him. The only way he could think of doing that, was by cutting its throat....
This is happening in a European Union country that has absolutely no valid laws to protect animals from any form of cruelty or suffering. A country where people of all ages find pleasure and enjoyment in beating animals to death, burning them alive, cutting their throats or ripping their bellies. A country where stray dogs are collected from the streets only to be killed by barbarian methods: locked in a cell and starved to death, gassed or poisoned. A country where thousands of cats and dogs are killed by speeding drivers or, even worse, injured in such a way that they are left paralyzed and die an agonizing death.  A country where there are virtually no shelters for animals, and even the few that do exist are not supported in any way by the State. The same State that doesn't do anything to punish such people as described above...
The worst that can happen in Romania to someone who hurts, tortures or kills an animal is to get a fine. That is, to pay a certain amount of money. In most cases, he will escape even that. Do you think that's fair? Is it possible to assess a life's worth in the amount of the fine??? Would you sleep better at night knowing that the country's budget is richer by a few dollars.... just because an animal died in horrible conditions?
The only way to change this is to pressure the Romanian Government to enforce a law to protect animals against all forms of abuse and torture ! A law to establish that any act of cruelty against animals is a crime!! A law to set forward tougher penalties! The people who do such things belong in jail, they shouldn't be left walking free in the streets. And not only because they might be a physical danger to us, but because they threaten and destroy the humanity in all of us. Because they alter our dignity as human beings. Because they are beasts and they make us participate in their horrible killings. Because if we do nothing against them, we are responsible too for the pain and suffering they cause!!
Please sign this petition and spread the word! Please help raise awareness about what is happening! Please help, in any way you can, to stop this! Any gesture, as small as it might seem to you, CAN and WILL make a difference! DO IT NOW.
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Alert: The 400 dogs of Gabriela Lazar  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Donation
About Glina Dogs

400 dogs urgently need to find shelters. They are evacuated from their current shelter in the vicinity of Bucharest, capital of Romania, because the land needs to be part of an urban development project. It is urgent for them to have a new shelter because they are evacuated as we speak. So it's either to a new home, or on the streets.

A group of volunteers, together with Zdreanta Foundation, which managed the old shelter, started building shelters for the 400 dogs. They are located on a nearby property placed at their disposal, free of charge, by its owner. 

The number one priority is to finish fencing enough land to receive all dogs by middle of September. So far about 200 dogs have been brought to their new homes. Dogs still need more fences and workpower to install them - what they have is simply not enough. The conditions these dogs live in are far from good, but at least they are sheltered.

The final objective is to build a proper, concrete-made, roofed, heated shelter, with electricity, running water, cleaning and security personnel.

On this site, we plan to keep a record of this entire project, so please visit each page. We're just at the beginning, but it's a very good cause

The good news is:

  • About 150 dogs are already at the new shelter.
  • They are provided with fresh water and food.
  • They are headquartered into fenced areas with their dog friends. This way, dog fighting is avoided.
  • Volunteers do come bringing construction materials and workforce - their own.
  • The dogs have some (improvised) dog houses inside their fenced areas. The volunteers stay in the rain :)
  • Three vet students offered to neuter the remaining 20 girls for free.
  • Three old concrete garage-type constructions were located in Bucharest, in order to be brought here to serve as storage rooms and living area for...
  • A couple of homeless people will probably come live next to the shelter, to take care of the dogs permanently. They would receive some money and food and one of the garage constructions above. Not ideal, but...

The bad news is:

  • The fenced areas are without any roofs or solid walls. Therefore, the rain and the heavy wind make the living conditions not exactly five stars.
  • Winter is rapidly approaching. I personally was there for an hour, wearing a winter jacket and I was freezing. Imagine how the dogs feel.
  • There is no electricity.
  • Also, no running water. Thus, fresh water for the boys & girls is not so easily brought over.  
  • No concrete flooring for the shelters, so all residues go into the ground.
  • Not enough dry food. Most food consists of bones with a bit of meat remained.
  • There is no security. Consequently, construction materials not yet used got stolen yesterday night. And with the big funding the dogs are getting now, that is really a big deal.
  • Construction workers work for money, and there is only so much the few volunteers can do.
  • At least 20 girls have still to be neutered.
  • And finally... materials are urgently needed to build more shelters. Two hundred dogs are still at the old place, where people are threatening to evacuate them any day now. And they are freed, for the fences there are brought over here to build the new shelter. Even simple wired fences will do for now, it is a must bringing all dogs here as soon as possible. Plus money for workers and transportation, please.

  For further details, please visit:
   Please consider donating to one of the accounts listed in the homepage, or to our friend, Gabriela Lazar, a sweet Care2 member that realy needs our help ASAP!
RO85BUCU012508092511RO01 IN LEI or
RO42BUCU012508092511EU01   in EURO

    Please, dear friends! This is URGENT! Our weather climate in Romania is temperate, meaning that in just one or two months, temperature will drop bellow 0 degrees celsius,snow will fall, causing the unsheltered dogs severe frostbites, Hypothermia and eventualy death!
   This is the time to stand unite and help the pour souls in need!!!

Posted: Sep 28, 2007 1:44am | (1) | (0) |  
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