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Hearing Loss can be devastating to people & their families. "HUH" & "WHAT" should not be the standard retorts in conversation. This forum is for anyone with ideas to share on strategies for surviving & communicating in a hearing world.
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Welcome, All who happen upon Audible Gain!

Please feel free to begin threads, questions, and discussions. As the forum grows, we will learn from one another.

Communication, in the hearing world, often takes place between a speaker and a listener. When a listener is compromised by a hearing problem of some type, it can wreak all sorts of havoc upon the situation.

If people attempt to bluff their way through these situations, it can end up quite embarassing:

Speaker "Did you hear? Johnny fell and broke his arm."

Bluffer "Oh, that's nice... so what is Johnny up to these days..."

My hope, in creating this group, is to provide an arena in which ALL people, Deaf, Hard Of Hearing, & Hearing alike - can convene to share their thoughts and ideas about how to make our world an easier place to communicate in.

Thanks for reading, please consider joining and visiting again soon.
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