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Each year, hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals are slaughtered on the ice fields off Canada's east coast for their pelts. Over 95% of the seals killed during this hunt are just days or weeks old. Comment-sign my petition-HELP me make CHANGE!

Speak Out Against The Seal Hunt

Join others around the world in speaking out against the seal hunt. The sealing industry is counting on your silence. Tell Canada the world won't stand for such senseless cruelty any longer.
Individuals, groups and governments all over the world are speaking out against the cruelty of the seal hunt. Add your voice to the growing opposition from: politicians and governments; non-governmental organizations; celebrities; scientists and veterinarians.

Canada's Seal Hunt: "Unacceptably Inhumane"

"The Canadian government insists that the seal hunt is an animal production industry like any other. They say that it might not be pretty, but basically it is just like any abattoir except on the ice. But we found obvious levels of suffering which would not be tolerated in any other animal industry in the world."

             Ian Robinson, British Veterinarian

Two separate veterinary reports that studied the 2001 seal hunt, one commissioned by the Canadian government, show numerous instances where animals were clubbed or shot and not rendered immediately unconscious.
Together, the two reports also document that a number of animals each year are hooked and dragged across the ice while still conscious and some of these are still alive by the time they reach the decks of sealing vessels.
Here’s what one such international team of five independent veterinarians found:

  • 79% of the sealers did not check to see if an animal was dead before skinning it.
  • In 40% of the kills a sealer had to strike the seal a second time, presumably because it was still conscious after the first blow or shot.
  • 42% of killed seals examined were found to have minimal or no fractures, suggesting a high probability that these seals were conscious when skinned.

The veterinarian team concluded that the existing regulations were neither being respected nor enforced, and that the seal hunt is resulting in considerable and unacceptable suffering.

More Than 660 Probable Seal Abuses Caught on Tape

IFAW has submitted video evidence of more than 660 probable violations of Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulations to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. These abuses include skinning or bleeding live seals, stockpiling dead and dying animals, dragging live seals across the ice with sharpened steel hooks and shooting seals and leaving them to suffer. To date, not a single charge has been laid in response.
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says it is committed to proposing new regulations to address what it sees as the critical hunt issues. The International Fund for Animal Welfare stresses, however, that it is impossible to effectively regulate any commercial seal hunt. Unpredictable weather and ice conditions, combined with the difficulties inherent in killing a large number of wild animals very quickly, will always add up to cruelty.



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