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The position of this cause is that culling is an immoral & reprehensible act of cruelty. Our purpose is to place a strain on the revenue created by the tourism industry in South Africa in order to insitigate the maintaining of the ban.
"We all love elephants, no one wants to kill them, but we don't have the luxury for one species to dominate."
-Rob Little, acting chief executive of WWF South Africa

In may of this year, Pretoria, South Africa will lift a 13-year ban adopted in 1995, which will allow elephants to be killed by gathering elephant family groups by means of helicopters and shot from the air by marksmen, in an attempt to control a growing population.

Unfortunately, he has failed to recognize the dominate species is the one condoning the lifting of this ban, which could result in a developing trend that could instigate a movement of other like-minded southern African nations to follow suit. Opening the doors for this immoral act is like opening Pandora's box.

Elephants generate an average of US$2.42 billion a year from tourists. The purpose of this cause is not only to raise awareness of this issue, but to place a serious strain on the revenue generated by the tourism sector of the economy within Africa by boycotting tourism to this country or any of the regions within, until the ban is reinstated.

The African Elephant Conservation Trust, aka the Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE)
 is the organization I have choosen as a benefactor to this cause.  It is my hope that as I continue my plight and through the awareness raised about this cause, they will garner support as well.

The African Elephant Conservation Trust was choosen as a benefactor of this cause, for they are a non-profit organization who's goal is the successful conservation of Africa's elephants within the context of human needs and pressures -- which is exactly what this entire issue revolves around.

The slaughter of elephants happened once -- let's not let it happen again.
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