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for the discussion, understanding and growth beyond capitalism and to find ways to organize and educate and destroy its destructive nature Greed Fear Negativity ignorance less than human systematic failure freedom democracy truth peace love hope now
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  • The top 5% of Americans own just under 70% of all financial wealth.
  • The top 1% of Americans now claim more income per year than the bottom 100 million Americans taken together.
  • The top 2/10th of 1% makes more on the sale of stocks and bonds in one year than everyone else combined.
moving Beyond Capitalism ... What is Capitalism? Why Capitalism is Wrong The underlying thought related to all of this is the level of understanding in relation to the individuals. If one can see that Capitalism as a result of characteristics and behaviors of individuals in relation to all that is around them We must see the exploitation as wrong and avoidable We must the effects of our actions in order to move Beyond Capitalism so that we can live in Balance with Nature instead of Competition
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Money As Debt
Corporate Personhood and Money
The Corporation
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