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I thought I would make this group so I could talk to others about there depression and how they made there self happy or worked through it.What they did to get through there depression...or what is making them depressed at the moment.
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Ever just wanted to talk about your life to others...whats going on in it.Whats making you depressed.How you got over it.And what is going on in your life to make you depressed.I will admit I am happy very happy....and I had been depressed for a long long time and was to the point I wanted to kill myself I was so misrable in the city of huntington ,wv that I was on edge all the time.A lot of bad things happened to me that I just couldn't sleep,eat,and I was shaky all the time edgy any load noise I heard I jumped,I kept my door locked while I was in it at all times.I was serious scared for my life.I had been raped by some of my sisters boyfriends/friend because she was a whore and would sneek them in the house late at night.My mom's ex would drink and harm us..and he is still online trying to harm us still,but he doesn't bother me anymore he can;t hurt me where I am now.My sister stealing off of us as well as her skany friends she hung out with.Her babies daddy trying to kill us.I don't have to worry about all that now.I can finally sleep and feel safe and not have to worry about seeing those jerks that hurt me again.I can eat without getting sick I ant so jumpy anymore.I am just completely happy.And I want to know whats going on in peoples life and how or what they did to over come some hardships in there life.I admit sometimes I don't really want to hear love stories....because of what I been one is willing to be with me...or there harsh to me about it and tell me to get over when people talk about love or them haveing someone I kind of get pissy at please no love stories ok?

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Hi my name is bobby. I am not sure if anyone will read this but I would like to talk about my depression. I am not sure if I will be any good writing about that for it can be very painful to think about problems. That is also the case as far as organizing my thoughts in writing. Anyways the last couple of months I have gone through some bad times having broke up with my fiance, whom I had been together with for two years. We got along well I thought even though not everything in the relationship was perfect. My fiance was a very insecure person and worried that I wasn't attracted to her and that we weren't having much sex. I was attracted to her but was a little overweight, not that it bothered me that much. She had problems with hygiene so I worried for my own health tryed to stay away from unhealthy sex and diseases possibly. I felt we got along well and I really loved her. She decided to break up and said plenty of things about me that just weren't true.(That I touched over women, called me a wife beater,etc...) She has mental illnesses which I guess is the cause of a lot of the nasty talk to me. Although she has made me feel bad about myself and I feel insecure that I wasn't good enough of a fiance. My friends tell me though that I am a good guy and that it's her loss for leaving me. I really am a good man which is only one of maybe two or three things that I feel makes me worth anything of a person.

I have been really desperate ever since going to dating sites to meet woman, but as I thought has been very difficult to meet one. I did find a woman at a free online date site from newyork. We had some good conversations but was surprised to hear her say she lived in Russia. I should known by the bad english. I guess I have gotten over that and we have both shared quite a bit of information, also very nice photos from her. She sounds like a family girl and sounds very nice to me. (not after money she says) She said that she could come see me if she felt that I was the one for her.  A lot of people around tell me that I shouldn't bother with a girl so far away but I think it could be very possible for long distance relationshipsI don't care what anyone says I feel she really loves me. I treasure our  conversations.  So I go to the library almost everyday to get her emails. That may sound desperate but I really feel I am in love with her. All I want in my life is a woman that will love me forever and not leave me in the dust. I hope that I meant a good person.....

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