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The project is for converting your car to electric, save money on fuel, maintenance and help keep our environment may think! I will be writing a book on this and am happy to help.



    I live in Florida and am trying to raise capitol to help people and our environment, in a couple of ways. One of the smaller ways is to convert their gas powered bicycles to all electric. Gas powered bicycles are legal in the south and helpful to people that have lost their license for whatever reason. The main idea is to cut pollution, help our environment and save money. I can also assist them with converting their cars to all electric this will really help our environment, pocket books and pollution. If you would like to help with a donation it can be done through pay pal with my email address ( ) you can also email me with any questions or helpful advice.       

      I am going to convert my car asap. I know the best ways of doing this conversion and how to get the most out of it and least expensive way of doing it. I am up on the latest technology in the electric motors, battery design and management.

I posted this project on but it wasn’t the right site so some of it I added below:


Be Polution Free By Converting A Gas Guzzler To An Energy Efficient Electric Car inexpensively

 The project is for converting your car to electric, save money on fuel, maintenance and help keep our environment pollution free.It’s not as expensive to convert your car as you may think! I will be writing a book as I do the conversion. It will have illustrations and comments as I go along and  a video will be made as it is being converted. It will have explanations of how there are different ways to do it for ecinomical reasons and different ways of customizing it. To show what we are doing to better our environment, hardly any maintenance, get much more miles per dollar and be smog free.

   With fewer moving mechanical parts than a conventional gas-powered vehicle,  maintenance is nearly eliminated. In fact, checking the tire pressure, rotating the tires and filling the windshield washer fluid are about all you’ll ever need to do. Once a prototype is on the road people will be able to physically see how and why they work so well, how their cost per mile will go way down compared to what they are driving now and help stop polluting the air we breath.

   My qualifications are in the mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer fields. I have built street rods, hot rods, rebuilt and modified motors and customized cars.  


      Will receive the book and the CD along with my email address and phone for communication, for any help I can offer or comments and suggestions you have. To donate just go to paypal and use my email( ) Please leave a message with your email address so I can reach you.

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