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Your 'self' experiences a world of others for which to reference itself as REAL. That which you identify as "me" was not constructed in isolation. 'They' make you, just as you make them in an endless moment-to-moment, ego-self, conceptual exchange of identitifying coordinates. You can never disengage, although egos like to THINK they can and run off seeking gurus who simply reinforce egocentricity.

To fully engage your 'self' you must fully engage 'others,' since there is NO division except in your imagination. It is not the space between thoughts that must be experienced, but the space between minds that must be encountered together. But your egocentricity will NEVER allow that gap be closed.

All the technology in the world serves little purpose if the world cannot fully engage as one. There is no reason to protect nature, since nature merely waits for us to finally get it together. Until we can work together as ONE, nature is as doomed as we seem to be.

The truth has yet to be experienced and will only be experienced equally as ONE MIND. The "Hero's Journey" is not a solitary path to truth, but an interdependent encounter with truth that must include everyone.



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