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Here we try to bundle helprequests concerning individuals or famillies. We will try to help for shortterm and to connect with organizations for longterm. Reach out your hands!
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May 19
Blog: How can we help
by Francois A. (4 comments | 0 discussions) — There is many ways to help and my list might be incomplete so feel free to add comments and suggestions of open a new thread to bring in your suggestions and ideas.For material needs:1 We may help by sending money.2 We may help by making a personal vi... more »

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{ else }   Alert: Nada Prouty Plight to Justice UpDate.  
Focus:Civil Rights
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States

For those interested in learning more about Nada Prouty you can now visit her site @

You will be able to learn the truth first hand, follow all updates, and donate if you like to help off set the overwhelming costs of legal fee's.

One Petition has been posted and there will be others soon. If you believe in Nada's cause then please sign this petition now ( ) and the upcoming petitions with out delay. I ask with a sense of urgency and priority. Nada's foundation is very uncertain and with out action quickly it could not only cause her to loose ground in her battle for her citizenship, but could cause her life to continue to be endangered, possible deportation that could cause her death as she will be returning to the countries she apprehended terrorist's in to protect America, and would leave her 2 small children motherless and husband left to deal with a shredded family tragedy. Why? Because she is a True American Patriot who did her job well in protecting the American Constitution and people.


Posted: May 10, 2010 10:22pm | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: Help?  
There is many ways to help and my list might be incomplete so feel free to add comments and suggestions of open a new thread to bring in your suggestions and ideas.

For material needs:

1 We may help by sending money.
2 We may help by making a personal visit there and invest our manpower.
3 We may help by praying for the requestors.
4 We may help by publishing and passing on the request.
5 We may organize money collections to rise some funds.
6 We may five some hints (or tips) how and where to get some institutional help.
7 We may coach through the situation until it is resolved.
8 We may help with some materials we have to give away.
9 ... what else?

Help for individuals
Posted: May 19, 2007 12:56am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Message: good will ambassador of 63 countries/ mass mobilization  
,,,,Born and brought up in India  ,,,Graduated in civil engineering  in 1986  ,, Embark on global  campaign ONFOOT for" Global Friendship and Peace" ,, by giving up job in 1987 . 10/30,, Traveresed through the capital of landlocked 63 countries of Asia and Europe ..covered around 80,000 kms with  warm welcoming  ,,before  turning back  to india  in 15/08/2001 ,, realised missing of global feelings despite of meeting own Prime minister&  others and much focused in  media,,Therefore, doing road show and e campaigning as a Good will ambassador of 63 countries who born and brought up in India";>
  ---------------Petition ,,Plz signed it ------------------------------------
Posted: Jan 15, 2007 8:28am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: Shameless! But bound to write!  
Hi every one!
My name is lemon, and somebody of this group is known person, and they are in my friendlist, And i have known about this group from one of them, At first i wanna thanks her! Actually i feeling shame to write here such kind of letter but i am ready to write anywhere yet it looks silly!
At first i beg ur purdon to waste ur important time, actually from last month i have changed my mind, and now i have no sense about right or wrong! true or false! because i am standing on that point where human can't do anything, can't think anything, can't take decission instantly , and may be from this point a great maxim has created by someone "Man Cannot Live Alone!"
So i also need help of someone, i need support , i need strength to fight with my present condition, because at present i need help for my father's treatment,he is heart patient, i need help for my baby,she needs food or cloths which is her basic rights, i need help for my whole family to assure their sleep in own room in bed, someone already heard about myself, and i am writing breif to those peoples who dont know my probolem yet!
Bank is gonna capture our home with our all properties even if a chair! because two years ago my father was taken bank loan for business purpose, and he was swiftly controlling his business and paying bank installment as well, but our country political condition is not healthy, and for our forthcoming election everywhere is spreading political movement and chaos! and ultimately the business condition was going decrease, and my father was also lost his business for strike, chaos, slogan etc. I know may be u will think that there was a lots of victims in those days, ya i agree with u, there was a lots of middle class business man has lost their business and there are a lots of family in our country is suffering such conditions, but someone is sacrificing their family and going to be finished silently, and they are cursing destiny for all happening, and someone is still trying to save their family and they are ready to sell their blood, i also was tried to get instant help from our country local charity organizations, if u ever read news about our country may be u know that our country is 5 times champion in corruption! so no need to say that the charity organizations will help poor undone family from that fund; which they got free!Huh!

I don't wanna write long my story , may be someone is already has stopped reading! Only one request to u all that if anybody of this world can give me just one chance to turn back from present situation, then i can save my family, i don't need help continue, i am not expecting money continuously, i could arrange those money but i need instantly because will not wait for me , already they gave us chance for human being! how long i will press them for awaiting?
Thanks all for give me the time. Just bless for me and my child, and bless to God so that he keep my father alive! because only for his family he was suffering. God give me the chance to pay back a little to him.
Bye. and thanks to mr.francho to create such kind of group.

Md. Fazlel Mahbub Lemon

Posted: Jun 6, 2006 8:22am | (0) | (0) |  
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