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Not much publicity is given to the problems reptiles, amphibians and invertabrates face. Some species are becomeing very endangered and because they are not considered cute by alot of people, but they are lovley creatures nd are worth saving. You just hav
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{ else }   Photo: Our reptile rescues  
   Here are a few pictures of some rpetiles we have rescued over time. Fred was our first iguana rescue. He had part of his tail cut off as punishment by his first family's father because fred was defending himself by whipping his tail at the son and father after the son tormented him. The first and second families knew little if nothing of iguana diet so Fred was skin and bones by the time we rescued him. He gain weight and lived a while with us, but due to the early mistreatment he had internal organ damage which shortened his life. He passed over peacefully.
   Beowolf was or third iguana rescue and our first placement with a caring family. The pictures were taken while were taking care of him. The persons that had him had a hot rock in his habitat and though they had some knowledge of what to feed him it wasn't a balanced diet. Beowolf lives with a family which we trained in the care of iguanas. He is now over four foot in length at last contact with the family.
   Monty was our first python rescue. We rescued him before Beowolf from a young man who had bought him at a pet store two weeks earlier. The young man hadn't fed Monty during that time and still had him in the box he brought the snake home in. Monty was lathargic almost catatonic due to lack of food, water and lack of sunlight/lighting. Since it is difficult to find a proper home for exotics, Monty has been with us since we rescued him. I will be adding new pictures of him and other rescues we have had with us and the red tailed boa hybrid we also have now. We educate people through the animals/reptiles we rescue. Our rescue/education covers the ones we have with us and we try to educate through paperwork we keep with us. Not all animals are meant to be pets and not all people are meant to be pet owners.

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{ else }   Photo: Lara at Oregon Zoo  

Couple pics of my reptile handling training at Oregon Zoo.  Gave my first solo presentations on this beauty (John, the ball python) last night to 70 people!  I also got to present Patches, our endangered Mojave Desert Tortoise.

More pics to come!

Posted: Sep 25, 2008 12:07pm | (0) | (0) |  
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