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Child Abruply Taken from Mother
On Dec. 28th 2010, The courts made a decision to abruptly destruct a child's life, by taking him from his mother and giving him to the unknown father. Whom the child doesn't know or has never lived with, the child is 22 months and he last seen his father when he was two months old as for the father has abandoned him overall. Thereafter has approximately seen the baby a hand full of times. The granted order was no visitation from the mother absolutely no contact. False allegations by the father stating the child was in danger for playing in a dog cage with a dog. (key word PLAYING). However the father had the same pictures posted on facebook, More so, if he believed the child was in danger then why did he himself have the same photo exposed to the world on facebook? This petition is created to protect child's rights of false abuse & allegations that destroy a child so innocent that may leave the child devastated believing his mama abandon him and is having crying sleepless nights. This petition is designed to protect a child's rights and mother rights. (I love you son come home soon love your mama!)
Please support our cause for this families justice, it will be appreciated...
The picture depicted is how he was returned after seven weeks without his mother in the fathers care. The judge didn't find this neglect, but playing in a dog cage was, then the judge realized he was simply playing and was not in danger with mother, however would not reverse the order and send child to mother.
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