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This is a group for all hunters or gun nuts who need a place to relax. This is also a group against the violent group PETA, and all those who stand against PETA are welcome. ---"...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."
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Virginia Tech... Have They Learned?

The tragedy at Virginia Tech happened in an unusual place- a gun free zone. The students of Virginia Tech who have permits to carry concealed weapons were not allowed to carry due to a previous ruling by the VT police. Despite being trained and licensed, they were disarmed. The criminal- obviously not afraid of breaking laws, hence the name- walked right on in. The disarmed students could do little. The shameful thing is that the Virginia Tech and local police seemed to do little as well. Now, the fear of firearms owners after an event like this, would likely be, the fear of more gun control. However, this seems to be more an eye opener to the general public than gun grabbers want it to be. Following the news, I've seen less anti-gun propaganda and more intelligent analysis of the situation- analysis that, of course, proves how much help a person with a firearm would have been.

"We know that, in an environment of disarmament, when death came calling, there was nobody to send him away."

-Ken Miller, VT undergraduate.

-More Gun Show Help!

The National Association of Arms Shows (NAAS) is a group set up to defend and support gun shows and their patrons. I encourage you to visit their site and look around and see if you can find a way to help gun and knife shows in your area. They not only defend our right to have gun shows, but our right to be free of harassment from the BATFE officials who think everyone who wants a gun is a criminal. Their web address is

-The Gun Show Uh-Oh... and We Win!

Michael Barnes, president of the Brady campaign, a rabid anti-gun group, surrendered. He said that the stress of his losses have led to his resignation. Congress may decide in conference to ease District of Columbia gun restrictions (H.R. 3058). The House voted to shield gun makers from liability suits (S. 397). And last year, Congress let the "assault weapons ban" (P.L. 103-322) expire. Great achievements for us, but it looks like those against civil liberties are complaining. As far as gun shows, I think we have another win here. A few months ago, everyone was trying to "close the gun show loophole". A non-existent item fabricated to set everyone to panic mode and get them to pass some anti-gun laws. Ohio, I believe, passed a law like this that had some other pro gun issues on it. However, losing one freedom to gain another is not American. It is not right. Luckily, it seems that everyone has stopped blaming gun shows. No idea why they would blame them anyway, since the B.A.T.F.E., a United States federal organization that monitors police crime reports, states that less than 2% of guns used in crime come from gun shows. But then again, when has anyone against civil rights made sense?

-Yet MORE P.E.T.A. Violence!

An interesting response from the above thread, posted by Terri N:

Terri N: "I'm with ALF. A few dead vivisectionists/lab reasearchers wouldn't bother me in the least. Garbage that they are."

Does the above disturb you? It was taken from the PETA group, a post about using life-saving medical research. These sick people see the life of a rat that only lives a matter of years as worth more than the life of a sick child who has the potential to live one-hundred years. Even worse, some of these people support the MURDER of doctors and scientists in the name of "Animal Liberation". In this world, species defend species. A wolf pack will care to an injured member but would not hesitate to eat an injured moose or rabbit. This is how life is. But these demented people would rather see ten thousand sick cancer patients die than watch one thousand lab rats die. Put a stop to them TODAY! Join the fight against PETA.

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