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This group is for women who just want to come and talk about their matter what part of your journey you are in there is always transition and changes we as women experience. Celebrate just being you with out fear. I am Woman Hear Me Roar.

Please view through the topic list, there is much room to ROAR about every part of our lives...Feel free to Roar under all or any topics you find touch your personal life...Enjoy, Let Your Hair Down..You Are Woman Let's Hear You ROAR!!

Being a woman, God how I love being a woman. I am so complex, and there are just so many parts to me and my life. I am not just a mother, wife, grandmother, sex object, cook, house keeper, etc...there are so many interesting things about me. Many in my life who are close to me, forget that my life matters too, and that I am complex and interesting and have my own life and every once in a while I have to Roar, just to reming them I am Woman Hear Me Roar...Please have fun about anything..celebrate your womanhood and all it's parts...
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