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“I’ve never heard of anyone getting sick on the vegan diet.”
“You would be one of a tiny minority who couldn’t live without meat.”
“IF you got sick (that is, IF you are telling the truth), you were doing it wrong.”

Do those statements make you want to scream? Have you spent ages on the internet looking for statistics that aren’t there?

The number of members of this group will prove to the arrogant naysayers that we are NOT a “tiny minority”.

Most of us chose to go veg for ethical reasons, and hung on for as long as we could. Many of us sought expert help, and many of us suffer permanent damage. Many of us feel angry that we were coerced into a dangerous diet, with no ‘disclaimer’. We are victims of misinformation and propaganda originally launched by AR groups and organizations like PeTA, now spread like a virus by militant, know-it-all vegangelicals who extend their ethics into a fundamentalist ideology. We are seen as ‘traitors’, and ‘heretics’ by these misguided people (NOT, I hasten to add, by gentle, sensible, open-minded vegans who have our full respect and admiration).

It is not our intention to discourage people from trying the vegan diet: we merely wish to address the ignorance and denial too often displayed. And if we cause ‘newbies’ considering the vegan diet to be aware of the dangers and maintain constant medical supervision of their health, we can hopefully save them the suffering we endured.

This group can hopefully give an indication of the real percentage and prevalence of ‘those who got sick on a vegan diet’. If you share this experience, please join - even if you have no desire to participate any further. You can help us by just being ‘a number’.

If you have not shared our experience but have a close friend or relative (who is not listed here), please contact me and tell me their story. I will post it in the continuous thread “Our friends count too”.

If you see a comment on a thread by someone who got sick on the vegan or vegetarian diet, PLEASE contact them and ask them to join this register/group.

If anyone calls you a liar, or accuses you of not trying hard enough, or doing it ‘wrong’, or claims you are one of a ‘tiny minority’: send them here.
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