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Have you ever felt that you may be invisible? It certainly would explain a lot of things if that were the case. Invisibility in our world takes on so many different forms that it's hard to imagine that some time in your life you haven't experienced this feeling. Lost in a crowd . . . like you have been forgotten or overlooked . . . perhaps no one is listening to you . . . or at a critical time in your life there was no one there when you needed them the most.

Seeking God and finding God constitutes one of the most thrilling adventures of your life. There is no pursuit quite as satisfying. A few years ago my niece found God and wandered into this church to pursuit a deeper connection. However, as she sat and listened to the word of God suddenly her emotions overtook her and she started crying. It is hard to understand this, but not one single person offered to console or talk to her. Was she suddenly invisible in the house of the Lord? Perhaps it was God's way of telling her that this church was not right for her.

How many times as a parent have you felt that you're invisible to your children? After telling them, in a nice way, to pick up their toys or to behave you become louder and louder until you start screaming in an attempt to get their attention, only to end up feeling as if you simply don't exist. Or think about the sacrifices that you make for your family every day and never once do you hear a thank you or feel appreciated for the things that you do.

There are times when I will be talking about something very personal to me only to have the other person change the subject and never recognizing that I had ever said a thing. Did they not hear what I just said? Does it not matter that I just spilled my heart out to them? Hello . . .

Have you ever been to a restaurant and not been able to get the attention of the waiter? And how many times have you said to yourself, "What does it take to get a little service here?" I am sure at some point you have waited for the menu, a glass of water, your dinner, a re-fill of your beverage, or the check. Did you feel invisible?

I have a friend that has Neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic disease where patients develop multiple soft tumors under the skin. It's interesting that a lot of people will look away and not acknowledge her, where children, being the inquisitive beings that they are, will ask questions. I remember one little girl asking her what was wrong with her, and my friend very lovingly said something like this: "Well God made you with your pretty blue eyes and blond hair and God made me like this." That's all it took and they went on to talk about other things. Why is it that when people don't fit in to the "norm" that other's will not recognize them? It can be someone over-weight or disfigured in some way or perhaps even people of another race. Do people not realize that what they do or don't do hurts the feelings of others

This is a topic that needs to be discussed on its own, but it angers me when I hear about child abuse where the family knew about it, but wanting to keep it a secret. Or perhaps one of the parents or both does not believe the child when their child accused someone of abusing them. To me this child or the crime is invisible to the ones who should be protecting them.

I think about the numbers of times I have walked into a building, thinking the person ahead of me would hold the door open for me, only to have it shut in my face? Or I think about the times I have been cut off while driving on the highway with people not paying attention before they crossed into the other lane. Am I invisible?????

There are countless ways in which we can feel invisible in our home, at work, in the world or even in relationships. I think that it's important to learn to appreciate, love yourself and not take what other people do personally. Most of the time people don't even realize what they have done--they're too busy thinking about something else. Loving yourself, I believe, is having the ability to make people aware, in a loving manner, that their actions or lack of actions affected you. For if you don't you will end up resenting them and building up stress that could affect your health. If you are ever going to feel visible, cared for and loved, it has to start with you caring about and being loving to yourself. You are important and you are NOT invisible. This week we are focusing on "Remembering." A little glimpse can be found on This Weeks Inspiration and Weekly Messages pages @

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