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Kids Stuff is a place to come and learn Crafts, and to share crafts.. so if you and your family like crafts.. this is the place to be! Share Art projects, crafts projects, or ask questions! Were here to make your craftign easier and funer!
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WELCOME!!!.. Sit back and enjoy, and hopefully you find soem great crafts here for you and your children to enjoy.. or for you to enjoy!.. PLEASE take a moment and reply to our WELCOME THREAD and tell us a bit about yourself!.. we want to hear from you.. please share your crafts and ideas with everyone.. and hopefully we can become a great place for people to come and reference for crafts!

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Blog: Pet Photo Frame  
This is a great homemade gift for any pet lover, and it's easy enough for kids to make with a little supervision..You Will Need:

dog biscuits, kitty treats or other favors to represent the animal you will feature in the photo (for a bird, how about small seed bells, or other bird toys)
1 picture of your favorite animal
acrylic paint- any color
fine tipped marker
craft glue
paint brush- I used a small foam one as they don't leave brush marks
5X5 inch piece of cardboard or photo matting- cereal boxes work great
craft knife
sealer- Design Master Super Surface Sealer clear Sealer and Satin Finish 383 works great
ribbon or magnet


1. Center your picture on top of cardboard and trace around it.
2. Use craft knife to cut out hole for picture
3. Paint the front of the frame in the color of your choice
4. Glue treats on to the frame.
5. On one of the treats or an open space on the frame write the animal's name, plus the dates of birth and death if they are now little angels. 6. Seal with sealer
7. Oo the back side of the frame glue or tape the picture in place
8. Add ribbon or magnet to the back to hang.

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