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Successful MMT patients wanting to share their story about why methadone saved their life. Educate the community that several medical studies shows damage has been done to the long term addict's brain/endrophins and MMT helps get their lives back!
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Hello to the multitude of other Care2 Methadone Saves Lives members.  I thought that, being the new kid on the block, I should introduce myself. I'm a stable MMT patient, have been since 1999, and currently carry 13 THs.  I've been involved in patient advocacy mainly on the group level.  I've participated in a few petitions through Care2 that I was made aware of on the NAMA site, and this last time learned that there was a small "Methadone Saves Lives group on Care2  (as well as a larger 24 member- "Methadone Kills and is a tool of the devil" group.)  It would be great if we were able to bring the numbers of involved people, the degree of passion and activity to the "methadone is a safe and effective tool of recovery that has saved - and continues to save - countless lives" side of the equation that seems to be present in the reactionary, tunnel-visioned "my boyfriend/son/husband/son/cousin died with methadone in their system  (usually along with other drugs, such as benzos, et al) therefore methadone killed them through no fault of their own, is evil and should be banned for nyone and everyone and for ever." Many of these anti-methadone activists have suffered serious personal loss, and I empathize with them and don't in any way mean to detract from their pain.  However, they seem to be looking for somewhere to place the blame, and erroneously think they have found it in methadone.
My examples of oppossing viewpoints may seem a bit extreme - and are meant to be. Like so many issues in our society, Methadone specifically and medication assisted treatement for opiate addiction in general are not black and white issues. It is my sincere hope that by bringing to bear oppossition to the "methadone is bad - black and white" reactionaries we can foster informed, educated, and balanced debate on an issues that has been stiudied for over 4 decades.

Look forward to hearing from someone.....

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