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A place where those diagnosed with, or suspected of having MS, those who care about them, and knowledgeable professionals can exchange ideas, explore the latest trends, and debunk myths about the disease and old and new treatments.
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Multiple Scerosis is NOT a death sentence and knowledge is power. Some famous personalities with MS who you might recognize include Montel Williams, Terri Garr, "Squiggy", Annette Funicello and the late Richard Pryor.
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Blog: i have ms it does not have me  

I have had ms for 13 years i was dx in july of 1993   since then i have been told to quit work  and have been though a divorce  i have 3 great kids that keep me going  i have never tried to hide my ms from anyone  my boss's my friends my family i believe that because of this i have a very strong support system  i have been one of the lucky ones  i can only hope that by hearing this from me that some of you get the strength you need to carry this on and make yourself better  if i can be of help to any of you please feel free to email me at  i am always willing to try to help anyone at any time  i am not always in care2  but i do check this aol mail every day i will try to get in here more often   take care and  be safe    @--}-- Mary

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