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A group for discussion of Michael Moores movie and other Bushisms. Please feel free to rant but do NOT flame me or anyone else for expressing their opinions. Let everyone know how you feel as Bush reads My Pet Goat while the WTC gets bombed
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Blog: Thought for the Day:  
Thought for the Day: "I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." George McGovern
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Blog: Blog Your Rep - and Get Paid!  

Would you like your Congressperson to be represent his/her constituents, rather than the corporate special interests in Washington DC? Well now you can blog about your Congressperson and get paid for it.

The Sunlight Foundation is offering "mini-grants" of $1,000 to $5,000 to fund original ideas, tools, Web sites and bloggers. The work of any recipient should be focused on creating a better, more democratic and dynamic relationship between members of Congress and the citizens they represent. We encourage applications from existing small local nonprofits and Web sites, from offshoots of national groups, from individuals and from informal groups of citizens.

Applications for mini-grants will be judged on how closely they fit with Sunlight's mission of using technology to enable citizens to learn more about Congress and its activities in order to reduce corruption and ensure greater transparency in government.

More here:

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Help Now! Thursday, November 8th will be a National Security Call-In Day, where citizens across the country can tell Congress that the time is now to decrease our dangerous dependence on foreign oil by passing an energy bill that includes a real increase in fuel mileage standards. 

America's growing dependence on foreign oil is a dangerous threat to our national security.  Much of the global oil supply is located in unstable nations and the burden on our military to safeguard access to that oil increases daily.  According to military and security experts, the most effective and efficient way to achieve greater energy independence and increase our national security is for Congress to pass energy legislation that increases how far our cars and trucks can go on a tank of gas.  

Right now Congress is crafting the final version of legislation that could cut our oil use by increasing the vehicle fuel mileage standard to a fleetwide average of 35 mpg by 2020.  If passed, these standards would reduce our country's oil consumption by 1.2 million barrels a day, more than twice the amount we currently import from Iraq. But, the auto companies are fighting this increase, pressuring lawmakers to weaken or delay energy legislation.  We can't let that happen.    

And, here's how you can help:  Please contact both of your Senators and your House Representative. 

How it works:

- Determine your congressional members:
- For your House member, click here (you'll need to enter your zip code):
- For a list of senators, click here:

- On November 8th, call the Washington D.C. Capitol Switchboard at 800-828-0498, which will direct you to your representative's office.

- Introduce yourself, and tell your Congressional representative that its time to decrease our dangerous dependence on foreign oil by passing an energy bill that includes the 35 mile per gallon by 2020 fuel efficiency standard.  Ask them to stand up for America and reject efforts by the auto lobby to block or delay passage of the energy bill. 

With your help, we can push Congress to break our addiction on foreign oil and build a more secure future for our country.

Posted: Nov 8, 2007 2:59am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: a chance to participate in election process  

11/9 Warmup for 12/7 National Caucus

When it comes to choosing our Presidential candidates, why does Iowa take priority over the rest of the country?

The National Presidential Caucus was created to give citizens across the country - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - a chance to gather in small groups (up to 50 people) to discuss the candidates and vote.

Of course this vote is informal and will not choose any delegates for the convention. But it will get a lot of media coverage and will be a lot more meaningful than the polls - particularly for longer-shot candidates whose lower poll rankings reflects the Corporate Media's bias against them.

The full Caucus will be held on Friday December 7, using Meetup-style tools to help citizens connect. There will also be a Preliminary Straw Poll & Caucus Warmup on Friday, November 9, 2007 is a co-sponsor of the National Presidential Caucus. For more details:

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