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From it's old name - Eastern Southern Africa, its ravaging throughout the slavery period, to its colonial era, its fight for independence, its "civil" war, the Texas size state has flourished, amid, nowadays the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as the...
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I have been off the care2 for various reasons, for which I appologize.

Meanwhile, at the Matalana level things are crawling on.

Here is what we have done during my absence:
- Had ongoing an Agriculture based low costinnovation and technology transfer for peasants at Nhongonhana County leve. The project had a one year duration, and was not a success at all for it needed continuing - ended at the phase when peasants were starting to adopt the new technologies.
- Ongoing a project in carpetry and smithworks for youth that is off-school. We believe that those who are unemployed, if given some kind of know-how (skills) can work either as employees or as "entrepreneurs" in small shops at the rural setting.
- Looking for financing for a HIV-AIDS project. We purport to bring alltogether in Matalana, various artists and groups (music, song and theater) for several workshops and other venues, and together seek ways to divulge the best practices to avoid and decrease the prevallence levels;
- Looking for funding for a children's musical education with emphasis on locally made instruments paired with contemporary music at the local level;
- The shop is still closed as well. Hence we are looking for funding to repleinsh the shop. We wish to decrease the long walks (especially for women and children) who walk over five kilometers to purchase necessity goods. (5 km to catch the local bus, to Marracuene, which is 10km away).
- If anyone feels like volunteering, feel free.
- Those who by chance come to Mozambique, Matalana is a nice place to camp and volunteer.

Councelling/Ideas accepted, for money alone can't do much.

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Aug 28, 2008

Hi my friends... Sorry I've been absent from here, working far from the computer. I'm back and hopping to hear from you, what you been up to and so on. Please help me to connect with anyone coming to Maputo/Mozambique. This is the hot season. Its a great time to camp in Matalana (teach/volunteer or simply enjoy), have a taste of Massala fruit..and go for a drive into Macaneta Beach... Well, here we go again. Thanks, and best regards.

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Blog: NO, For word AIDETIC  
NO, For word AIDETIC

It's always important to strengthen this information. Being the AIDS an acronym of English language (Acquired Immune Dificiency Syndrome) does't justify the derivation in word of Portuguese language. Is necessary to also understand that the AIDS is not an illness, but yes a syndrome (joint of signals and symptoms). Moreover, the term adopts the subjective intention to mark the people who live with HIV, the virus of the AIDS, becoming them synonyms of the illness.

To say that somebody is aidetic means to say that this person is the proper illness, that has a new identity related to the HIV. The citizen renounces itself of your individual rights, passing to be seen as a person with the announced death. Also it's necessary to differentiate the stages of the evolution of the imunedeficiency. The carriers of the virus of the AIDS only develop the illness when your organisms fail in defend of the opportunist illnesses, caused for low the immunity (few linfócitos T4).

The correct terms that will have to be used, in case that are possible, are: soropositives for the HIV or carriers of the HIV (in such a way for who has the virus as for who is sick) or sick of AIDS (for who already is developing related opportunist illnesses to the AIDS ).

Rede Nacional de Direitos Humanos em HIV e Aids - RNDH- Nº 04 - Week of 04 to 10 of May of 1997



É sempre importante reforçar essa informação. Sendo a AIDS uma sigla de língua inglesa (Acquired Immune Dificiency Syndrome) não justifica a derivação em palavra de língua portuguesa. É preciso entender também que a AIDS não é uma doença, mas sim uma síndrome (conjunto de sinais e sintomas). Além disso, o termo adota a intenção subjetiva de estigmatizar as pessoas que vivem com HIV, o vírus da AIDS, tornando-as sinônimas da doença.

Dizer que alguém é aidético significa dizer que essa pessoa é a propria doença, que tem uma nova identidade relacionada ao HIV. Destitui-se o cidadão de seus direitos individuais, passando a ser visto como uma pessoa com a morte anunciada. Também é necessário diferençar as etapas da evolução da imunodeficiência. Os portadores do vírus da AIDS só desenvolvem a doença quando seus organismos não conseguem mais se defender das doenças oportunistas, ocasionadas pela baixa imunidade (poucos linfócitos T4).

Os termos corretos que deverão ser utilizados, caso seja possível, são: soropositivos para o HIV ou portadores do HIV (tanto para quem tem o vírus como para quem está doente) ou doente de AIDS (somente para quem já está desenvolvendo doenças oportunistas relacionadas à AIDS ).

Rede Nacional de Direitos Humanos em HIV e AIDS - RNDH- Nº 04 - Semana de 04 a 10 de maio de 1997

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Alert: Fundraising Sites for AIDS Cause  
Action Request:Donation
Location:United States
Raise money online for charitable cause

You can donate to your favourite charity

- Children With AIDS Charity

- iThemba AIDS Foundation

- American Foundation for AIDS Research
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