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The world is a changing place to live in. Famliy life outdoors communing with nature - nude and free - is a healthy way to live. Teach your family how to live with nature before the trees are no longer there to enjoy. Where are these places? Find out by j
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Nov 2, 2009

Sorry if You thought I had left the group unattended but many waters have past under the bridge of time. Please contact me if you have views Good /or /Bad on naturism Regards Mike

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Hi Folks -

I need your help: some volunteers to provide expertise and “how-I-did-it stories”; to start local New Freedom groups; to integrate these groups into coalitions with other groups and organizations; etc.

For the past several months I’ve been involved in starting a book and website, and they are posted in their “in-progress” states. The name of the book is ALTERATIVES TO GLOBAL WARMING, and the address of the website is new

The main idea of the book is that we can (and must) transform ourselves, our society, and our world so that we can have joy and ALTERNATIVES TO GLOBAL WARMING.

The idea of JOY s very important. If we do not have and demonstrate joy in our new ways of life, few will want to follow our example. The definitions of joy are as varied as the people joining New freedom. How you find joy and all other paths you follow are completely up to you. I like the Wiccan maxim, “An ye harm none, do as ye will.”

Gus Speth points out in THE BRIDGE AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD that tree hugging and the environmental movement just ain’t making it. General beliefs, customs, regulations, laws, and national and multi-national business practices remain harmful to the environment. And hence to life on Earth.

There are some methods of transformation that have helped me change and save my life - and have joy. There are also ways that are based on quantum physics, spirituality, and other ways. I think they will work, but I can’t guarantee it.

The current job and housing crises have created millions of men and women who have believed in but been failed by the status quo. But we can create alternatives, new paradigms, new ways of doing almost everything. New Freedom groups can give emotional support and technical suggestions. Non-profit corporations can be of great help with food, housing, and many other necessities of life.

The book-in-progress is available FREE at Comments are welcome. My email address is:


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Complete information about diet visit:

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