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My Corvair looked a lot like this.

This one has '66 taillights & '85 reverse lights.

I switched out the reverse~ might not have worked, or else I had alternate~ so mine had four taillights!

I had straight chrome exhaust pipes~ with glass pack mufflers!~ no bumper guards, no valance grilles, but the chrome reflecting light on the pavement was so cool!


I think I had a front antenna.

BF Goodrich Comp T/As, when they were amazing.

The engine was a rebuilt jewel.

Amazing car that people always took a second look at.

Now, I remember!

I could either have the forward gears 'in~synch', or the reverse, with the shifter.  So, I would push my car, so as not have to.  It is a good way to learn about topography, physics, & to make friends!  As well as operational procedures.

  Fortunately, it was a rather light car.  Once, I jacked up the rear & the front jacked up, too!!!  People talk about putting weight in the rear for snow~ tho, not as much as when front engine/rear wheel drive cars were more numerous.  In the Corvair, one had to think about the lightness of the front in snow.  It was more a minor issue, but did exist.  In most circumstances, the weight over the driving wheels gave great latutude of control.

There was one curve on South Street, & the best way to go around it was to aim for the tree at the apex & 'snap' the car around it.

It was an experience!

On the highway, the four wheel slip made it so the car could go down the road 'sideways'.

The steering was so nice, it is just a shame that the option is now so rare.

The car was just so much more in tune with the Earth, nature, the road & with such a beautiful Zen quality...

I believe many of our problems. to~day, stem from the failure of the Corvair.

The car has such a wide range in driving that it should have appealed to many.  As well have being so enjoyable to drive!  A pleasure in just about any situation.  Slow, fast.  It could get amazing gas milieage~ though, mine did take a super~high octane gas, Sunoco.  Yet, it was quick, especially, on twisty roads.  Fun on the highway, in town, country, city.  Breeze & sun in your face...

&, damn, if it didn't look awesome!

You are so beautiful.

Let's fall in love.

Let Us mix our affairs.

What could be better than us together?

Us Together Every Day!

The adventure of Us connecting.


Exploring the world together!

The magic we dream of,

Is Us together!


Together, Our dreams!

Oh, God, you are so beautiful...


You are absolutely amazing.

You must be the most beautiful woman in the world!

I wish we were doing fun things together.

Beautiful, smart, loving.

To be together.

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Dec 10, 2008

'If you want to build a ship,

don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign

them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for

the endless immensity of the sea.'

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