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The threat of nuclear weapons has never been greater than now! We must work to abolish this threat or ......
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Blog: One Question For Peace  

Help us to address peace and nuclear weapons in the upcoming presidential debate! Please repost this message and pass it along to your friends and colleagues.

Thank You,
Peace Action West

Over the next few days, Jim Lehrer will be hearing from many people about what kind of questions should be asked at the debate. With so many questions pouring in, it will be challenging to find those questions which are most important to citizens. We have a chance to impact his selection. That's why Peace Action West is focusing all of our efforts on one key question. If thousands of people all ask Lehrer to ask this one question, it will be impossible to ignore. Will you help? Click here.

There are, of course, many critical questions about peace that we could ask. We've narrowed it down to just this one to better the chance that it will be asked:

"This is the first time in American history that both major party presidential candidates have endorsed the vision of a nuclear weapons free world. What are the specific steps you would take as president to get us there?"

Here's why this question matters so much to achieving a more peaceful world. Nuclear weapons can wipe out millions of people, millions of families, in the blink of an eye. Fear of this terrible power has defined US foreign policy for too long, from the Cold War, to the war in Iraq, and the threat of war with Iran.

Everyone, we only have a few days to ask Jim Lehrer to put our question into the debate. He needs to hear from us today, loud, strong, and many. Please take just a moment right now to request that just this one question be included, and then tell your friends and family who also care about peace to do the same.

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{ else }   Message: Dems Want to See Citizen-Monitoring Database.  
Dems Want to See Citizen-Monitoring Database.
    By Lisa Myers
    NBC News

    Wednesday 22 November 2006

Pentagon has been keeping tabs on groups perceived as security threat.

    A year ago, an NBC News investigation revealed the existence of a secret Pentagon database that included information on antiwar protests and American peace activists.

    Now, newly disclosed documents reveal new details on who was targeted and which other government agencies may have helped monitor Americans. At universities across the country, an antiwar group called Veterans for Peace has staged protests by setting up crosses for soldiers killed in Iraq. In New Mexico last year, the local paper described the event as a display of honor.

    But a previously secret Pentagon intelligence report labeled that same event a "threat to military installations." The report lists the group's upcoming events and warns that while it's a "peaceful organization," there is potential that "future protest could become violent."

    "No, we are not a threat to military installations," says Michael McPhearson, the leader of Veterans for Peace and a former Army captain whose son recently returned from Iraq. "We are not a threat to military installations. We're not trying to blow up anything or anything of that nature.

    "It angers me that the rights I'm supposed to be protecting I can't exercise without the government looking at me and calling me the enemy," McPhearson says.

    Pentagon documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union provide new details on how even Quakers and churches came to be labeled "threats" worthy of the attention of the military.

    "What's clear is that there's a proliferation of surveillance and targeting of Americans who have done nothing wrong, other than disagree with the government," Anthony Romero says. The documents also suggest for the first time that agents of the Department of Homeland Security played a role in monitoring antiwar activities. A DHS spokesman says agents merely disseminated public information about public events that could impact federal buildings.

    The Pentagon admits it made a mistake in collecting information on 186 antiwar protests but claims the problem has been fixed.

    That isn't good enough for Senate Democrats.

    "I fully intend to ask what's in those databanks, because many of them go way beyond any legitimate needs for our security," says Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy.

    Congress wants to know not just what data was collected, but why and how it was to be used.

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{ else }   Blog: Pictures from Hiroshima  
I have visited Hiroshima Peace memorial Museum few days ago.....and I wanna share what I have seen.

Please visit the following link page where I had up loaded some of pictures about.....

click here to view

Posted: Aug 12, 2006 7:16am | (1) | (0) |  
{ else }   Blog: No More HIROSHIMA !!!!  
Please check our song on

The Childrens world (translation)

in the children's world they are all friends
they can amuse together they can share anything
in the children's world they are all friends
they can play together they can exchange their dreams
why do we hate each other once we grow up
why do we kill each other in this man's world
why we can't love once we grow up
why we aren't agree each other in this man's world
In the childrens world they are all friends
They play together they can share anything
Why do we hate each other once we grow up
Why do we kill each other in this mans world
Why can't we love each other
Why can't we love anymore in this man's world

Hiroshima - that day - (English translation)

That day, we promised we would always love each other
We're desperately in love, nothing could tear us apart
That day, we made love our bodies intertwined
In the summer storm, your desire burst out
That day, we swore here our love forever
Crazy in love, entwined, having each other's bodies to love
That day, we made love until we exhausted it
And… it's all disappeared.
They look at the lightning
That burns their eyes
That scorches their skins
And those people going wild
And those burnt bodies
And those shadows on the walls
And you… you will never back to me
You are gone in the sky of Hiroshima.

Hiroshima - ce jour la - (original)

Lyrics : Lamia CROSS/Cyril Mahuas Music : Lamia CROSS / Fab / Druid

On s'est promis ce jour la, de toujours nous aimer
Nous etions fous d'amour, rien ne nous separera
On s'est aime ce jour la, nos corps enlaces
Dans un orage d'ete, ton desir eclata
On s'est jure ce jour la, de s'aimer pour toujours
Fou d'amour, lasses, las, d'avoir nos corps a aimer
On s'est aimer ce jour la, a en epuiser l'amour
Et puis…..tout s'est efface
Ils regardent l'eclair
Qui brule leur regard
Qui crame leur chair
Et ces gens hagards
Et ces corps brules
Et ces ombres sur les murs
Et toi…..tu ne reviendras jamais
You are gone in the sky of Hiroshima

© 2005 Lamia CROSS

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{ else }   Alert: Be a part of The Earth Force United Organization.  
Action Request:Other
Location:United States
         Be a part of The Earth Force United Organization's
                                   Family of Activists.
The Earth Force United Organization.
P.O. Box 828
Perry, Michigan 48872
The Earth Force United Organizations ideals are simple.  
1) To work towards Peace and to Oppose War as a way of settling differences. 
2) To Unite People and bring them information on World Events and what they can do to change them.
3) We work towards the END of Human and Civil Rights abuses of ALL peoples of the world.  
4) We work towards the end of Animal Abuse and towards Environmental Sanity.  
5) We believe that PEACE is PATRIOTIC.
This group is for all Peace Activists to discuss ways of ending the war peacefully and to bring an end to human suffering. Freedom is for everyone. Not just the rich and powerful. Together we can make the world a better place. Remember, We only have one planet.

Posted: Mar 26, 2006 11:31am | (0) | (0) |  
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