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Wikipedia: O RLY?

O RLY?, short for "Oh, really?" is a popular Internet phenomenon, typically presented as an image macro. The usual conversation flow starts with O RLY?, triggering a YA RLY ("Yeah, really") response, and then ending with NO WAI!!! ("No way") (though sometimes OIC ("Oh, I see") is used instead). An additional exchange of SRSLY? SRSLY! ("Seriously? Seriously!") or YA WAI... ("Yeah way...") may follow.

O RLY? is typically used in a sarcastic or sardonic manner: it may be used to mock AOL speak or indicate that the original post was blatantly obvious. One may also troll by posting O RLY? in response to a lengthy post.

The owl image macro quickly spread to other websites such as Fark and YTMND, spawning many more image macros involving owls. The frequent posting of the O RLY? owl has annoyed some webmasters to the point that the posting of it on some message boards will result in a user ban.

This group is about foolishness, and attention getting. If a post of yours landed in this group, someone thought it was stupid, funny, wierd, or in some way worthy of attention. Anyone is allowed to join in the fun. If you find something on Care2 that knocks your socks off in a good way or a bad way, stick it up here.

Organization isn't an issue, either, though generally there should be a thread for each group represented here just to keep things marginally organized. But don't fret, if you don't see the thread for a given group, post a new one.

And remember, the OWL knows.
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ROD RLY? 2 9 years ago
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