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Omie's Home for Children and Beyond, situated in Secunderabad in India, is home to 37 children in need of God's love and care. Please go http://www.omieshomeforchildre for more information and to show your support.

Hello, I am personally going to India to study abroad during Fall 2012 in Hyderabad, India which is close to where Omie's Home for Children is located. I plan on participating in helping these children and this program while I am there. I am even starting to learn telugu. I learned of this program because the International Director - 'Dot' Dorothy Marketto here in the U.S is from my hometown. I really want to promote this great cause and other programs in India where children and other natives are in poverty; and to show them the Christian faith. I am only a messenger about this organization. If you cannot give a donation, please send your prayers. Thank You and God Bless! -Elye 

Omie's Home for Children and Beyond (in India)

"The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him." Nahum 1:7

 (Copyright 2011 Omie's Home for Children.)

"Shelter In The Time of Storm"

Here and on their website you will find information about the home and the children. Our hope is that the information will encourage you to connect with the home and lead you to support us through giving or prayer or even both.
 **Giving Online**
  We now have a safe and secure way to donate to Omies Home online. By clicking on the Donate button you will be linked to our PayPal account where you will be able use your credit or debit card.
  For more information on giving and to see how your gift helps the Home
,  go to our How to Help page.
 **Invite a Speaker**
  If you would like to invite a speaker to your church or group or would like a copy of our latest DVD or PowerPoint to share with your group please contact us for more information.

  **Highlighting**   Grace of Jesus Ministry.
  Whilst our primary focus is on Omie's Home and the children, we also hope to reach beyond
the home to assist others in need in the villages and neighboring slum areas, pursuing areas of need and ministries that the Lord has laid on our hearts. Grace of Jesus Ministry, a small church plant in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh, is one of those ministries. Follow the link above to find out more about this work.

  Visit us on You Tube to see our latest video. When your there why not leave a comment or add us to your favorite videos.
All about Omie's Home.   
Our purpose is to enrich the lives of the children at Omie's Home by providing financial assistance for their basic daily needs and to build relationships that prayerfully will last a lifetime. We realize we cannot help all the hundreds of thousands of children in India, but we can show Jesus through our love, compassion, and friendship to the 37 children who currently live in the home. We can be a positive witness to the neighborhood and to the extended families directly associated with the home.
Our short term goals are to set up an ongoing sponsorship program whereby individuals can support the home on a weekly, monthly, annual, or one-time gift-of-giving basis. We need $1000 per month to cover basic needs and expenses. Currently our sponsored giving is $500 per month.
  Our children have done very well in school. Our youngest child is 5 years old and our oldest is 15 years old. Our prayer is to be able to develop skill training and to be able to help our older children attend university when they complete their current educational requirements.

   Our long term goals are to be able to purchase an adequate plot of land whereby a facility designed for the children and their needs could be built. Land costs are approximately $6000 per acre. There is also the need for a plot of land for farming purposes. Right now, the home is located in an enclave where there is no yard or place for even the smallest garden. The children play on the rooftop. The home is actually a small house which was reluctantly rented to Rev. Mani. Few landlords want to rent to that many children.  
 Our history or how it all started.
   Omie's Home for Children was started in a rural suburb of Secunderabad, a city in south India in the state of Andhra Pradesh as a result of Rev. Mani R. Nadava finding ten children living on the streets of a village where he and a team were evangelizing and digging a water bore well. They were given permission to take these children from the streets of the village by the elders since there was no one to care for them. Mani contacted me about helping provide for these young orphans and I agreed to help as much as possible. I brought the need to my family and friends and together we were able to send funds to help with their daily needs.

   One of the first regular contributors and my mother, Oma I. Marketto, known by the children as "Mummy Oma," was asked if the orphanage could be named after her. After prayer and much consideration, it was decided that the name should be Omie's Home for Children. From the start we wanted to let these children know that they were loved not only by Rev. Mani and his wife Rani (along with the caregivers) but by Mummy Oma and myself. Most importantly, we wanted them to know that Jesus also loves them and that we would do all we could to give them a safe and secure place to live.

   On December 26, 2004 the tsunami hit the southern coast of India and Mani was asked to take an additional 20 children to Omie's Home. Generous supporters helped in this effort. Many expressed their desire to help because they "know where their money was going." After this disastrous event, we realized that non-profit status must be established here in the US for those who contribute to this home. An account was set up by the Vineland Church of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Stewardship and accountability have always been something we wanted to assure our donors of.

How you can help us.
  Our need is always for those who would support us in prayer, the backbone of any ministry.
  And any financial gifts, one time or a regular commitment, would help with the ongoing projects and the daily running of the home.
  Let us know if you would like to support us in any way and we will put you on our mailing list to receive our newsletter.

Monthly costs.
  Below is a short summery of just some of the monthly costs for the home.
  Rent: $186
  Basic Food/Oil, etc: $860
  Electric/Gas: $95
  Salaries: $184
  Other miscellaneous expenses $116
   Add to that other expenses throughout the year, Schooling, books, clothes, medicine, etc. and, of course, any medical emergencies or other unforeseen expenses that arise. As you can see, the needs for the home are many. Any donations we receive will be put towards the running of the home.
  If you would like to give to any one area please e-mail.

Giving Online
  We now have a safe and secure way to donate to Omies Home online. By clicking on the Donate button you will be linked to our PayPal account where you will be able use your credit or debit card.

Mail a Check
   If you would rather not give online you can send a check or money order. Make the check payable to Omie's Home for Children and Beyond and send to...
    Omie's Home for Children and Beyond
    c/o Dorothy Marketto
    580 Mayfair St
    Vineland, NJ 08360

 If you have any questions about giving (who your support goes to, how it's spent), please e-mail us at and we will be glad to answer your concerns. 
Contact us...

  By E-mail...
    Dorothy Marketto
    International Director
    Omie's Home for Children and Beyond Inc

  By Snail Mail
    Omie's Home for Children and Beyond
    c/o Dorothy Marketto
    580 Mayfair St
    Vineland, NJ 08360

News Update -

Looking at Land for Omie's Home.
  The plot of land we had been looking at has been purchased by someone else. We visited the area and were shown a plot next to the original parcel. We are waiting on the Lord and praying that in his timing we will be able to purchase land and build a facility which would be child friendly.

  As you may be aware, the present home is not adequate to safely meet the needs of the children. The landlord does not offer any repairs or will not authorize upgrades to the house. He falls under the pressure of neighbors and increases our rent periodically in hopes that we will move. While the neighbors can cause problems because the house is rented, they would not bother our children if we owned the land and house.
  Please pray along with us that God will work out the provisions for purchasing land. As you know, we send funds monthly based on donations received just to keep the home running. God has always provided and I believe he will do so this time.
  If you are able to donate or know others who can, please pass this on. If you have any questions or would like to help, please e-mail me at the address below.
  Thank you for praying.
  Dorothy Marketto
  International Director
  Omie's Home for Children and Beyond

(Copyright 2011 Omie's Home for Children. )
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