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NATURE'S MIRACLES & SOLUTIONS ABOUT US As a mighty team, AIM/NMS focuses on developing extended networks of highly competent experts in diverse specialties to respond to a variety of tasks throughout the world with the highest efficiency and most cost effective performance. The Alliance is a loose integration of independent companies, inventors, manufacturers and individual experts that supplement and compliment each other's unique mastery of their specific fields.

Research, information analysis, and data integration maximize AIM's/NMS efficiency in applications and projects to develop further specialized competence. This, in turn enables AIM/NMS to choose from the many strategic alliances or sub-contracts, for each component of a project, the best in their specialization. Such dynamic nature enhances team-building ability, which guarantees the best experts in each specific field, while maintaining the highest standards of performance. That gives AIM flexibility and adaptability to respond to new or changing tasks.

Thus, AIM/NMS can be far globally larger than many multi-national corporations, while flexibly independent and decentralized -- distinct characteristics that multinational corporations lack. Yet, while they (MNC) also lack commitment and dedication, AIM/NMS upholds devotion as a duty and moral obligation. Accordingly, AIM's/NMS responses are always faster, its performance more efficient, and its cost far less expensive.

To serve Developing World's consumers, and as ethical commitment to making advanced technology affordable for nations in the "Global South," AIM/NMS International strives to secure special pricing for products and services. AIM always prefers to render services, do business and seek contacts in "Developing" countries first. This goes way beyond the narrow interest in profit. It represents philosophical predisposition and ethical commitment that has been the foundation of this group.

AIM's/NMS products have been featured in the US Foreign Trade Department's publications and international media as unique. Because of this uniqueness and the wide range of products, the USA Department of Commerce selected AIM/NMS as the only company from the State of Massachusetts for its Business Trade Mission Delegation to North Africa in 2003. Similarly, the State of Massachusetts offered to share half of the State's pavilion in the South Africa Made in USA International Fair in 1997.

A "True Leader of Popular-Capitalism," AIM/NMS is planning to expand its services to help uplift inner cities and disadvantaged communities in the US and Western Europe. The best and most positive potentials of American Corporate Capitalism can now offer HOPE for the helpless, hopeless, invisible and inaudible millions the world-over.

Please join us to make the world a better habitat in which Serenity and Hope replace Misery and Death. 

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