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This group is devoted to building a major Vajrayana Buddhist Monastery in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. "Phuntsok Choephel Ling" was authorized by His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, Head of the Tsarpa sub-sect of the Sakya Order in 2003.

Phuntsok Choephel Ling Monastery [PCL] was founded by Kyabje Chogye Trichen Rinpoche [1919-2007], following a proposal made on October 1st and 2nd, 2003, by Ven. Lama Ngawang Kunga Thupten Gyaltsen (Sapan Rinpoche), the Spiritual Director of Kunga Tenphel Ling Dharma Center [KTL, founded by His Eminence in 2001], now based in Lyons, Colorado, USA.

Following suggestions, questions, discussions and views by Lama Kunga, shared with His Eminence and Shabdrung Rinchen Paljor, PCL is intended to be a Sakya Tsarpa Rime [Non-Sectarian] Monastery in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, United States of America, North America. PCL and KTL are thus now known as the Sakya Tsarpa Sycamore Lineage of North America. All of the blessings and profound wishes of Kyabje Chogye Trichen are poised to be manifested by this project.

The original proposal for the building of the monastery, a retreat center, a Yogi and Yogini Contemplative yurt community and a hermitage was presented to His Eminence at Jamchen Lhakhang Monastery at the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. After the presentation His Eminence said, "This is a project which should receive the widest possible support and encouragement."

The Year 2007 was going to be a banner year for the Phuntsok Choephel Ling Monastery Project, but following the transition of Chogye Trichen [see], through this last year, 2011, setbacks have occured in terms of major funding for the project. However certain projects are in progress. Hopefully, with a new Board of Directors in 2012 and our progress towards appropriate funding for all projects will be revived! Tune In ... and we will keep you posted. Your comments, suggestions and questions, as always, are warmly appreciated! =SR=

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Last reply by Sapan : 10NOV2011   KUNGA TENPHEL LING CELEBRATES THE SACRED DATE OF 11:11:11 and hopes that all members of the PCL Monastery Project site will find profound ways of joining a worldwide celebration.   For my part I... more»
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Last reply by Sapan : Secretary of the PCL BOD has resigned her position and membership in the PCL Monastery Project. We wish her well and thank her profusely for her service to PCL-KTL since June, 2002. The new Secretary of the PCL BOD is AnneMarie... more»
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