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11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

 Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
 American Exceptionalism
 The Founders’ Wisdom and Vision
 Lower Taxes
 Limited Government
 Peace Through Strength
 Belief in the Individual

Group Discussions
by John W.
4 min ago (10 replies) |
Last reply by Diane : I agree with what you said....drug users can't just "stop."   It's a difficult situation with no clear answers for success.   I'm very sorry about your oldest brother.   I've not had a drug user in my... more»
14 min ago (58 replies) |
Last reply by Suzanne : Tony  my sister lived in Levittown and then Long Beach for many years. I have family in Massapequa. I hate the LIE parking lot. Not only does it cost New Jerseyans a fortune just to cross the river but add to that the... more»
59 min ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Diane : I LOVE this recipe.   For me, it hits on all the pistons producing an excellent soup full of spice and texture.    You will have ample leftovers to package and drop in your freezer for a quick week day... more»
3 hrs ago (3 replies) |
6 hrs ago (4 replies) |
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