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19 min ago (6 replies) |
Last reply by Tara Jane : The shooter was the former boyfriend of the young lady who was shot - she and her present boyfriend.  Sound familiar - same thing in Florida.  If the cop in Florida had intervened as did the cop in Maryland many lives... more»
26 min ago (15 replies) |
Last reply by Tara Jane : I agree John.  DRAIN THE SWAMP!  Let unemployment run rampant in Washington!!!!   ... more»
29 min ago (10 replies) |
Last reply by Tara Jane : Isn't it a shame when women, instead of showing their brain and finding a creative career in the sane industries of this country, find that they can wiggle their a-- and show off their boobs and get full coverage on the... more»
2 days ago (3 replies) |
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