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WARNING: If you are a person that may be offended by free speech. THIS GROUP MAY NOT BE FOR YOU! This is a poetry group for those that want to share verse without limits. There is no censorship here AT ALL! If you want to speak freely, do it here.

I sat down one day and boy I was angry. I grew up believing that free speech is a RIGHT here in the USA. What it was that the neocon artists were up to was censorship. That's what made me angry that day. They were screaming "How dare you question the president in a time of war". I think that is the best and most important time to question what those in power are doing! That's the best and most important time to SHOUT AGAINST THEM!

So I sat down and intended to write a poem about the censorship of the RIGHT WING. Then I realized that 's who the right wing are. They are censorious CONTROL FREAKS. They have to silence dissent, lest the get "outed" as the tyrants they are.

Being of the left, a full blown progressive, I then thought hmmmm, we of the left don't censor do we? My answer to that surprised me a bit. Yes, we do. Censorship from the left is called political correctness. So I decided to write a poem about the censorship of my own side. That poem "On Condition of Anonymity" is posted below.

It's easy to dissent against the opposing side. When you free yourself to dissent against your own side, then you are truly free. This group is meant for people that feel the need to speak freely, no matter who would be our censors, WE SPEAK FREELY BECAUSE WE MUST. We speak freely because to do any less would make of us slaves. Sometimes we even enslave ourselves with self-censorship.

A few weeks after I wrote this poem, I was invited to do my spoken word thing at a local college. The event I would read at was an anti-censorship/in support of banned books/tie dye/wind chime festival. I figured, what better place to read "On Condition of Anonymity"? I would be reading in front of my peeps right? Surly this audience would understand what I was getting at with this work right? Wrong! I was heckled almost from the first stanza. It was great, I just keep reading while a host of people tried to shout me down. Then magic happened. An old woman stood up in the audience. She whistled loudly, and at this sound everyone went silent, even me. She then said " I came to hear the poet, not you whiners in the audience" At those words you could have heard a pin drop. Then she looked at me. She looked at me with a gentle and sardonic smile, she said "you go ahead son, finish that poem. You're making a very good point”. That's just what I did.

That is what this group is about. It's about people that have to speak freely, no matter who would censor us. Don't worry though. I'm sure the right-wing will take a real pounding here too...

On Condition of Anonymity

by Jerry“ClapSo”Avissato

We live in a decaffeinated

Non-fat, soy based world

Forever correcting each other's

Speech and actions

An endless quest for purity of thought, speech, and body

A low-cal, sugar free censored speech reality

The white cotton gloves of the mind

Are ready to sanitize our thoughts

Even when we attend a group meal there are demands

For a lesbian midget from Venus outreach

Lest dinner seem non-inclusive

Don't step on no toes or spill your overpriced pure spring water

On that recycled, late 60's coffee table

Hand me onea dem genetically engineered corn bumper stickers

Never mind that the farmers are starving

The sierra club is accepting your penance

Via check, money order, or credit card

For the sin of driving your

Urban assault vehicle S.U.V

To the health food store

Proper consumption will assure we regurgitate

The group neutral correct speak of the moment

Is there any way out of this maze

Of fashion based creative consumptive judgment?

I give you my benefit of the doubt

Unconditional love

On condition of anonymity

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