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Being a victom of unwanted abortion,I wanted to create a place for other women and young girls,their family and friends,where they can share their story and talk about their emotions.A place where we can support and help eachother.(Dutch and English)
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Do women get adequate pre-abortion counseling in a... 5 4 years ago
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Message: Do women get adequate pre-abortion counseling in abortion clinics?  
Do women get adequate pre-abortion counseling in abortion clinics? The unanimous opinion of people who work in post-abortion support is "no".

What is your opinion about this subject? Please share with us your opinion or story, and your ideas about what should change in clinics, hospitals, etc to stop unwanted abortions and let these woman be heard...

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Message: If you're pregnant and don't know what to do...  
If you're pregnant, you have three options:

1) give birth and parent the baby
2) give birth and choose someone else to parent the baby (adoption)
3) have an abortion

If you ask around, you'll receive all kinds of advice. As you gather information you'll want to learn all the facts for yourself and make a fully informed decision.

You'll want to know:
Alaska PregnancyHow will my choice affect me (physically, emotionally and spiritually)?
 How will my choice affect my future?
 Can I fulfill my goals and dreams?
 Will I experience feelings of regret with my decision?
 Who will support my decision?
 What if people abandon me?
Alaska Pregnancy
Alaska Expecting Parent

Your choice is for a lifetime.


Choosing to continue your pregnancy and to parent can be very challenging. A single parent is faced with many decisions to make for herself and her baby.

Parenting is a huge responsibility, but also a great joy. With the support of caring people, parenting classes, and other resources, many women find the help they need to make this choice.

Sometimes women are so scared that they are not able to say and do what they feel and want. They are a prisoner of their own emotions and all they can do is panic and cry. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

There are many organisations to go to for help. Check out one of these sites and make that life changing call. Make sure you are alone so you are free to speak your mind and ask for help. Tell them everything that happened and tell them what YOU want. They are here to support YOU!!!!
And ofcourse there is ALWAYS God to talk to and to ask for strength to make the right steps!!!

In the Netherlands you can ask for help at or

In the States you can find a Crisis Pregnancy Center near you at and click option "find a center"

They can help you by making the right decision by giving you all the information YOU need, and can help you thru the fear, panic and stress when you feel like nobody is listening to you and you're about to have an unwanted abortion in a couple of days.

Don't's YOUR body and only YOU have the right to make a mather what your situation is, there is ALWAYS a way to do what feels right for YOU and your baby. By choosing to follow your own heart you will prevent Post Abortion Trauma Stress Syndrome. Good luck and share your story with us.

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Blog: After (unwanted) abortion  
I'm a 27 year old young woman and about 9 months ago I lost my unborn child because of an unwanted abortion. Nobody was listening to what I had to say and what I wanted.
Nobody payed attention to my panic, tears, anger, etc. I was left out during the whole prosess, also by the doctors.
Few people understand the fear that is closing you in when you are in a situation like that.
Not knowing how to break that fear down to be able to do what feels right in your heart.
Every cel in your body is screaming but you can't get others listen to you. Or you feel powerless and can't controle the things you say or do anymore. Trapped inside yourself.
Every girl and woman has her own story, but the point is that she has had an (unwanted) abortion. And then comes the guilt, the if only's, the depression, the pain and sorrow, anger towards herself, etc. And sometimes suicide.
I have started a group for girls and woman who are dealing with an post-abortion situation.
But ofcourse boyfriends and family and friends who are having a hard time dealing with anothers dissision are welcome,too!
The goal of this group is to listen and help eachother. To know that you are not alone in this. Share your path of healing and how you dealt with emotions. Support eachother, do not judge.
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