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This group is for people who love the outdoors, the wilderness, and want to keep it pristine forever so we can hike,camp, and backpack in virginal forest, deserts, and oceans in the US and worldwide.
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Blog: Save the Roan Plateau  

2008 is our last best chance to save Roan Plateau. 
But that can only happen with your help.

The East Fork waterfall - one of Colorado's tallest - is currently a massive icicle, dangling precipitously over the Roan Plateau's "Little Yosemite".  It guards above its 200-foot drop some of the purest strains of native trout left on the continent.  Like the trout and the ice, hanging in wintertime suspense, the Roan remains a land in peril. 

Take Action Today
Write a letter to Senator Salazar and your congressional respresentative asking them to make sure the Roan is protected!

Governor Ritter and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources released recommendations which call for protecting many of the Roan's most critical wildlife areas. However, the recommendations also approve of the federal government's plan to drill on many of the Roan's currently undeveloped public lands, contrary to the vast weight of public input on the issue.

BLM has yet to say whether it will abide by the Governor's recommendations, but in the meantime, Colorado Congressmen John Salazar and Mark Udall and Senator Salazar have announced their intentions to introduce legislation ensuring expanded protection for areas on the top, cliffs, and base of the Plateau. They have also spoken in favor of exploring other ways to protect additional acres on top of the Roan, as well as areas at the base of the Roan Plateau that provide critical winter wildlife habitats.

The Campaign to Save Roan Plateau will continue our work to prevent leasing and drilling of the Roan's public lands, and to ensure that the Governor's recommendations for protecting the Roan's most critical environmental areas are strengthened and enacted.  But now more than ever Governor Ritter and Colorado's congressional delegation need to know that Coloradans believe we can afford to protect the Roan Plateau, and that we expect our elected leaders to do just that.

How you can Help:

Learn, share, and organize on behalf of the Roan Plateau! 
One of the best ways to educate and organize on behalf of the Roan Plateau is to host an educational event in your community.  The Campaign to Save Roan Plateau would love to help you set up a screening of the excellent documentary "A Land Out of Time", and is also available to give a presentation about the Roan Plateau for you and your neighbors.  

Starting a local group to help organize Roan support can be a commitment of as little as 3 hours a week, or a lot more if you want, and shows the homegrown, people-based support that has kept the drill rigs off the Roan for almost a decade.

Email for more information on starting a Save Roan Plateau group or hosting an event where you go to school, work, or live. 

Write a Letter:
Write Senator Salazar and Congressmen Udall and Salazar thanking them for their continued efforts on behalf of Roan Plateau,  and urge them to pursue additional legislation to prevent drilling on the Roan's remaining unleased public lands and in its critical wildlife habitat. 

This makes good sense for Colorado, and offers a reasonable compromise, allowing for slower-paced development that also protects the Roan's undeveloped lands.  There is no reason to rush to lease or develop ANY new lands at Roan Plateau for gas drilling.

Visit the Roan Plateau this spring.
If you want to see this remarkable island of wildlife habitat and wilderness-quality lands amid one of North America's fastest growing gas fields, 2008 is the time. Depending on the weather, the plateau's top usually becomes accessible in June. Stay tuned for opportunities to visit the Roan or email for more information.

Posted: Jan 13, 2008 6:24am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: Historic Waimea Canyon uprooted for parking lot  
Action Request:Petition
Location:Hawaii, United States
Historically beautiful rare mountainside is being turned into a parking lot and sold to the highest bidder!!
Extremely URGENT. The state has moved deadline for public opinion to 8/7/06. Please POST FORWARD and CROSSPOST. Thank you and Mahalo in advance!!

Posted: Aug 5, 2006 5:25pm | (0) | (0) |  
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