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Better than some similar goups in that you will only be timed out for cause, not because a host can't stand being proven over and over to be wrong. And if you are timed out, the hosts won't lie about you when you can't defend yourself.
Believing as I do, and with demonstrably good cause, that liberalism is a mental disorder with no easy cure, I invite all and sundry to post their thoughts about the current state of the US disunion since the election of BHObama (as in JFKennedy, LBJohnson and WJClinton). After all, using his full name would be...ready for it?...racist.

Or an accusation by some leftie progressive of something else just as stupid.

If you are insecure, unreasonable, out of touch with facts and reality, then this may not be the group for you.  If you are not 'comfortable' here then you may want to stay in some group that helps you feel that way; there are plenty of them that do not demand intellectual (or any other) honesty.  
Be civil, and follow the ToS, and CoC, and the MoUSe.

And no complaints about how you are treated if you are posting like a horse's patoot. That's on you.
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