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The side tourists never see. The city grows fangs, uproots the poor from their neighborhoods, caters to the rich and starts class warfare. But on the other hand, Resistance & Protest are what Seattleites are famous for!
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Turtles and Teamsters, together at last! Anti-WTO protests, Seattle, November 1999

The IWW, or "Wobblies", supposed to become an International Union for ALL workers, were very big in the Pacific Northwest, in the Lumber Industry among others. The Black Cat was the well-known symbol of "Sabotage". The word, "Sabotage", comes from the French "Sabot"; Sabots were the European workers' WOODEN SHOES that they THREW INTO THE MACHINERY when they wanted to make it stop, or break it, during a Strike for example.

"From Hiroshima to Hope"; Hiroshima Day celebrated every year on August 22nd, releasing floating lanterns at dusk on Seattle's Greenlake, in honor of a Japanese festival to carry our messages of Peace to the Realm of Departed Spirits.

From The Progressive Populist, Sept. 15, 2009:

'Earlier this year, a Rasmussen poll indicated that 20% of Americans thought Socialism was a better system than Capitalism: the percentage was even higher among younger respondents, up to a third of whom favored a Socialist approach. In a country whose citizens are taught from birth to fear and loath Socialism while equating Capitalism with Americanism, this was a startling development. We apparently now have nearly as many "Socialists" as Republicans in the land of the free......... it's obvious many of us are beginning to question the received wisdom about our existing economic order, whose performance fails to match the rhetoric associated with it......... The practice of Capitalism, in other words, bears no relationship to the theory.'
Wayne M. O'Leary, The 'S' Word

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Sep 20, 2009

I took on this group as an "emergency measure", as it was about to be shut down as the group owner was leaving. I was one of the co-Hosts and I did not think the group should die!

I changed the group around a bit, the name of the group, etc. However, I have a number of other groups "on my plate", and I would LOVE some HELP with this one!

In particular, it would be great to have somone who keeps up with the ECOLOGY of the Pacific Northwest Region. more)

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