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From the time we are born we are taught "untruths" unfortunately, all of the false beliefs we are taught has cost us exponentially, in time, happiness and abundance.
It is the mission of Shanja Shui to "unteach" these false teachings to all that are prepared to learn. The novelty of the paradox we have been taught to institute in our lives is that we strive for youthfulness and long lives, yet we refuse to do the things necessary to achieve them...change our belief systems.
At the very core of abundance and spiritual success or succes in any sense, are the basic truths that will allow us to attain just that, long life and abundance. We are lost in the beliefs that we are supposed to live short, overworked, stressed out lives. Not everyone is willing to give up their "beliefs" afterall, they have been given permission to believe them by their parents who worked hard, aged quickly and died at 70-80 years old.
There is absolutely no reason that we should not be living until we are 150 years old and longer. At forty we are not washed up, we are just coming into our own and these years should be seen as the most productive years of our lives yet I hear twenty-somethings making the comment that they are "old". That basic belief must be changed, once this is changed we will live longer, more productive lives and society will ultimately benefit.
Here we will learn basic truths to lengthen our lives and become more youthful. Anyone is free to post a productive and insightful comment, please stay on topic and use the Off Topic thread for social comments.
Thank you for enriching Shanja Shui with your membership! Namaste.
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