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'Dogoogle' it and raise money for homeless dogs in Ukraine

To all my friends who care for animals as much as I do,

Whilst we are very busy here at Naturewatch doing our best to end animal cruelty in China, we also run other campaigns; one of which is to help the homeless dogs in Ukraine.

I'm posting today to ask a big favour to help raise money for this campaign at no cost to you.

Dogoogle is a search engine dedicated to helping animal welfare charities, and has very generously offered to support our work in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Please can you use Dogoogle in place of your normal search engine to raise money for the homeless dogs in Kyiv.

To 'dogoogle' it, please visit ::

Dogoogle are supporting us for 2 months, so please set it to be your Home Page and tell all your friends about it so we can make full use of this time.

Together we have the potential to raise hundreds!

Warm regards to you all and thank you for your continued support,

Jennie Rudd
Campaign Manager

Help Naturewatch lobby the Chinese Embassy

Naturewatch is inviting all supporters plus anyone else who wants to help improve the welfare of animals in China to write to the Chinese Embassy in London, expressing concerns in regards to the lack of animal protection laws in China. 

The aim is for the Chinese Embassy to be inundated with thousands of letters to illustrate the huge global concern for the welfare of China’s animals.  When the letters are opened, their message must be clear - To introduce without delay animal protection laws to stop the cruelty which is totally barbaric and totally unacceptable to mankind.

Please either compose your own letter making sure it includes the main points listed below.  Otherwise, please download our template letter.  Add your name, address and signature, and if possible, a short paragraph with your own points of view. 

here to download the template letter.

Points to include:
* Urge Chinese Embassy to work with Naturewatch to introduce animal protection laws to stop the cruelty which is totally barbaric and completely unacceptable to mankind.
* Growing demand for meat products, family entertainment and domestic pets.
* Address the letter to ‘Your Excellency’

All letters should be posted to:
Her Excellency Madame Fu Ying
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the United Kingdom
49-51 Portland Place

For more information please visit our site >>

Would your dog survive Beijing?

Beijing local authorities have the power to enter city homes and seize any dogs that are over 35cm (13.8 inches) tall as they are deemed to be dangerous. 

Supporters from across the globe are emailing me their stories about their dogs - small, medium and large.  Dogs Tails is a wonderful page of heart warming stories and beautiful photos, illustrating how much joy dogs bring into our lives.  Click here to have a read >>


Your dog’s name, breed, height. If possible a photo and a few words how much joy it brings into your life.

Allow your pets to proudly represent large breeds, and give them an opportunity to play a part in saving their distant relatives in China from a frightful fate.


We received nearly 40,000 signatures!

Thank you to everybody to who signed it and passed it around to family and friends.


 Chinas' animals are counting on us all!!!

Olympic Sacrifices   August 08
Chinese officials have put their hearts and souls into preparing Beijing for the summer Olympics.  No one has been able to stand in their way, whilst they transformed Beijing into a modern, lavish and green city, ready to cater for the 16,000 athletes and officials and the influx of tourists.
Let us take a moment though to remember the animals that have been sacrificed or are suffering for this monumental event.  Read more >>

Meet our Dedicated Chinese animal welfarists

I would like to introduce you to our three Chinese partner groups.  Each animal welfare group was carefully selected to work with Naturewatch in China; forming a highly dedicated and compassionate team that will fight for the introduction of animal protection laws in China.  Read more >>

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