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Your views on all issues, regardless of race, religion or nationality. This is an open group because I feel everyone should have a say. Is it something heavy on your heart, then say it because if it isn't said no one will hear.

I do want it to cover things like 'Native Americans' and 'Abuse in the Home' two subjects that are close to the hearts of myself and my hopeful partner.

I want your views on all subjects regardless of race, sex, or religion. I may be pagan but that doesn't mean that I will only accept the pagan slant because all religions do have a grain of truth in them. Yes I do quote the bible where it is appropriate but it will be bracketed with my personal thoughts and not just parrot some one else.

Truths? what are they? You know what you believe and I know what I believe - is that reason to fight?

rules: Exactly what the name says: Tell it as it is but this doesn't mean agitating for an argument. Be constructive in you remarks, please, and not demeaning.

I want this to be about news from around the world and not wrapped up in the news reporter attention grabbing words nor the fanciful words of the poet

I know what is happening in Iraq but not what is happening in China other than the summer olimpiques

What is happening in your own back yard to anything else that catches your thoughts

From what royally ticks you off to what up lifts your heart/soul

if you want a cat fight do it on the page so all can see and take part in it if they wish and yes you will embarrass yourself when you read about it the next day.


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