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This is a group, For the regular mom. A mom who love's being a mom. You can work. You can stay at home. You can be in school. But as long as you are a mom you are in the right place. To share are dreams for our children. Our Hope's. And our fears.
Hello all group members, As you know this group is not doing as well a I want it to do. I am trying hard to get new members to join and, Have group members leave messages on the group page. I can not do that by my self. So I am hoping that with your help we can make this group better. I would like to know if anyone would be opened to doing a group new's page once a week for the group, With just basic news and jokes and what ever you would like to add. Are maybe we can have some one do a joke of the day spot on the group page. Or even a Tip for mom's section? If anyone is up to this let me know. You can e-mail me at, And or leave a message on the group. Please help to get this group going. I would love it to be fun for all mom's to come and enjoy there self while on this group. And again Thank you for what you do for the group. And I hope to hear from you all soon on here. Patty Mosso Group founder:
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