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Promoting the vegan life as the next evolutionary step for humanity. The vegan ideal is the paradigm shift the world is seeking. Embracing non-violence will lead us to a new age of peace with our fellow animals, humans and the natural world.

The vegan ideal, as a philosophy which embraces the highest of ethics - non-violence, justice and empathy with the innocent - continues to be marginalized by our society.

But those who recognize the far-reaching effects of this paradigm shift know how powerful the rewards can be.

No matter how strong the current opposition is, it will soon have to be accepted that vegan is the way of the future. Only by living the vegan ideal can we address all at once the many, seemingly different issues that are crippling our civilization and the planet. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that the survival of our species, and perhaps even life as we know it, is dependent upon our learning the very lessons of empathy, responsibility and self-control that the vegan ideal embodies, that our society seems so reluctant to embrace.

The vegan solution contains within it the power to solve the biggest problems we are facing, on every level from personal to planetary.

The vegan ideal is nothing less than the next evolutionary step for humankind.

We must embrace the ethic of non-violence if we are to evolve…

And we must evolve, if we are to survive.

The current cultural paradigm that considers animals to be the property of humans is a fundamental flaw in the fabric of our society. This fallacy is at the root of all animal abuse.

The industries that use animals will have no place in a peaceful future, no matter how 'humanely' the animals are treated.

Animals, whether human or otherwise, are entitled to live their lives in peace. 

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