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This group is forging a mutli-cultural faith alliance and is international in scope, so as to bond everyone together under one roof and thus unify all spiritual meditation systems toward establishing World Peace. This is just the beginning!

Religious and conceptual tolerance are mandatory and all enveloping around this group effort, and the standard 'Code of Conduct' rules must apply herein at all times for everyone involved!!

All religions or non-religions are welcome here on this group, because we need your mind and its locked-up abilities . . . just as long as you believe in the goal of World Peace and that you continue to insist that it become a stable reality to be established within our present and future existence.

You must learn to create the basic faith that we (including yourself) can succeed in bringing this into being, by exercising mental will-power and visualization meshed with physical activism goals as well.

We are focusing this state of mind onto the world scene daily ...

Every single day!


The United States, Russian, and Chinese Governments have understood the importance of the inner-power that resides within the human mind and what it can accomplish when properly focused upon a desired targeted objective.

These governments have spent a combined 24 billion dollars through Psychic Research programs (approx. $8B in each country), so now let us utilize this avenue of mental projection and make it work for the benefit of its world citizens for a change.

We will impose our grassroots group-will movement upon the governments and populations around the globe, in order to lead them to this same awareness and understanding, so this can actually alter the course of human destiny in the days to come.

Petitions, phone calls, marching and protesting can be ignored by government leaders and business owners alike, but they cannot resist for very long the power of the human mind imposing systematic interference upon their decision-making processes!

This is in no way intended to replace petitions, phone calls, protesting and marching, but it is intended to be coupled together with these already pre-existing physical methods in place at this time.

Please join this worldwide movement and help to invoke the spirit of real change before it becomes too late.


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