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For vets and others who want to talk about their experiences. We need to raise awareness of the inadequaecies of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs handling prevention, assessment and treatment of PTSD!
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Blog: The March and Rally Updated News for July 12, 2008 in Washington, DC  

  Get Ready for The March and Rally!

   Here is some information for those who are planning to attend the March and Rally Event in Washington, DC on July 12th, 2008. 

March and Rally Details

Permits have been secured to begin The March on the North lawn of the Washington monument. This is the OFFICIAL GATHERING LOCATION for the "Revolution March".

Where: North East Lawn,  (Washington Monument)
       Washington, D.C.

 July 12th, 2008, 9:30AM

Route:   Constitution Avenue. (see map at

This event is being promoted as a family event. Those who are attending will gather to March at the Northeast Quadrant of the Washington Monument and marching down Constitution Avenue toward the rallying point at the West Side of Capitol Hill.

A fun idea is to have people dressed Colonial style, and also dressed as our Founding Fathers, to lead the march. There is the plan to wave posters of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, along with various other related banners and signs. 


9:30 AM     Assemble on the North Lawn of the Washington Monument

10:30 AM    Begin march down Constitution Avenue.
Rally begins at 11:00 AM. 

Don't want to march?:

   If you cannot (or don't feel like walking):

you can head directly to the RALLY LOCATION at 11:00 AM. 

What to bring:

Find out what to bring and what not to bring to the March. It's going to be a full day of excitement so you want to be prepared.


The Revolution March is excited to announce our great lineup of speakers and performers!!! Individuals from all sides of the political spectrum are joining forces in the name of liberty and freedom. We may not all agree on the issues being discussed, but on one thing we do agree: Adherence to our beloved Constitution. It is the subversion of it that brings us all together on July 12th. Our musical guests will include: Marc Scibilia, Jordon Page, and Pokerface.

For more information, please go to 

Posted: Jun 21, 2008 1:06pm | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: I need your help...  
Dear Veterans, I am asking for your support today. You know our Country needs an honorable man to be the Commander in Chief.  Please support Dr. Paul if possibly can. We need a united effort to achieve our goal in having him as our president.   Thank you.

There is no longer a category at the "Election 08" here at Care2  for Dr. Ron Paul.  To me, to take away his information is UNJUST and I would love to see someone start a petition to have it back again!!!.

I have posted the following in various places since I believe that people can not depend on the MSM to give them the truth. 


This is to let everyone know that they do have an option other than Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, et al. And, a much better option at that.


Don't believe the MSM that is saying otherwise.


Don't let the MSM tell you otherwise.

He is the one who would bring our troops home the soonest. Polls and articles have indicated that veterans support Ron Paul more than all of the other candidates put together.

If you haven't already done so, please read the book "The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Dr. Ron Paul. It is a small book and well-worth the time and small expense (about $13.00 if ordered from

After reading this book which will thoroughly inform you as to how Dr. Paul stands on the issues, then do a comparison.

I have compared all of the candidates and there is no doubt in my mind that if we want the RIGHT KIND OF CHANGE, we will support Dr. Paul. But, if folks don't support him in BIG NUMBERS, then he will lose and unfortunately, Americans will lose also."




Posted: Jun 5, 2008 6:31am | (0) | (0) |  
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