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P E T I T I O N S..... please sign here..... 27 7 years ago
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Posted: Feb 7, 2008 12:46pm | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Message: cats in danger! France-please help  
Here you find a share from JeZa Shobo - please act, she provided us with a letter example in french we all can use as snail mail or e-mail.
Please read and act!
Thanks a lot!
Message: Please help these cats!

JeZa Shobo X.

general slaughter 4 free roaming cats- FRANCE!!! 2:33 AM
The Municipality of Angoulème (France) has planned a general slaughter by the end of this week, of all free roaming and feral cats they can catch!
 * Please send your protests to the regional authorities : “Conseil général de Charente” : 
 * You can also send protest mails to the tourist board of the region , telling them you will never visit their region again: “Comité Dé artemental du Tourisme de la Charente” :

 [  send green star]

JeZa Shobo X.

 2:35 AM
I sent a very short letter in French (look beneath)  to the regional authorities asking them to intervene; feel free to copy or to endorse or please write your own letter! Time is very short!
Au Conseil général de Charente
Mesdames, Messieurs,
Je vous demande d’intervenir d’urgence pour interdire le massacre par la municipalité des chats errants à Angoulème
Cette horreur est prévue pour la fin de cette semaine.
En vous remerciant d’avance et en attendant vos bonnes nouvelles.

 [  send green star]

JeZa Shobo X.

protest letter To: Tourims office! 2:50 AM

Au --Comité Dé artemental du Tourisme de la Charente,France
Mesdames, Messieurs,
C’est avec horreur que j’ai appris que la Municipalité de Angoulème planifie, pour la fin de cette semaine, le massacre des chats libres habitant la ville.
Je n’accepte aucune excuse pour cet acte cruel et criminel.
Je vous fais part de mon indignation et je vous fais savoir que ma conscience m’interdit de visiter dorénavant une région qui n’a aucun respect pour la vie d’ animaux innocents.
Je boycotterai aussi tous les produits venant de votre région, et j’en ferai part à tous mes amis et connaissances.
Si vous arrivez à convaincre la Municipalité de la Ville d’Angoulème d’abandonner ce plan perfide, veuillez me le faire savoir. Je vous en remercie d’avance.
Salutations distinguées,

Posted: Mar 30, 2006 7:56am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: Betty needs a real sanctuary  
Focus:Endangered Species
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States
Urge Pseudo-Sanctuary to send lone elephant, Betty, to a REAL sanctuary!

Betty, a female Asian elephant, lives all by herself at a pseudo-sanctuary in Missouri. Her previous companion elephant, Shanti, was given to Houston zoo in 2000 to breed. Betty has lived alone since then, and is in urgent need to be transferred to a real sanctuary: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

We need 3,000 signatures and as of right now we only have 549!!!! This petition is moving so slow as a lot of elephant petitions do. So please sign and forward this to all your friends! If we all unite for Betty than this could be done and over in no time!! If you have already signed this petition... GREAT! If you would, please take a few more minutes and forward with message to your friends.

Peace and Love, Tiffany
Please sign!
I got it today, march 13th, signedi t and noted there are less than 1,000 signatures

Posted: Mar 13, 2006 1:31am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: save alaska's wolves and bears  
Focus:Endangered Species
Action Request:Write E-Mail
Location:Alaska, United States
Alaskans have just 48 more hours to submit their comments on proposals to be considered by the Alaska Board of Game. These seek increased control of wolves and bears and would reinstate the aerial gunning of wolves.

The Board will meet from March 10th-20th in Fairbanks. It is extremely important that they receive your informed comments on their proposals by this Friday.

Please take a few moments to read the information below on some of the worst of the Board's proposals, then submit your comments...

Emergency Proposals Reinstating the Aerial Gunning Control Programs (Supplementary Proposals #9, #10, #11, #12 and #13):

The Board intends to officially re-adopt the “emergency measures” regarding the aerial wolf control programs they passed at an emergency meeting held in January.

Suggested comments:

  • These emergency measures were passed to circumvent the recent court ruling that found the Board’s aerial gunning programs were illegal and to reinitiate the aerial control programs as soon as possible.
  • Public comments were not accepted at this meeting.  The Board continues to ignore the fact that airborne wolf-killing by private pilots has twice been voted down by Alaskans.
  • The Board’s aerial gunning plans call for the largest wolf-control program since statehood, (covering 50,000 square miles and targeting an 80% reduction in wolves) but are not based on sound science. Anecdotal evidence from hunters regarding the number of wolves present rather than scientific surveys mean that wolf populations could be completely eliminated in some areas.

Proposals #11, #15, #21, #22 and #23 classify brown and black bears as furbearers, allowing them to be trapped and their fur sold in interior Game Management Units (GMUs).

Suggested comments:

  • Bears have not been classified as furbearers and subject to trapping since Alaska became a state. No other western state permits this practice.
  • Catching and holding large powerful and potentially dangerous animals in snares and leg hold traps presents a situation where wounding loss and injury can occur.
  • Wounded bears that escape from traps are potential threats to public safety and property.
  • The sale of bear hides in some GMUs but not others invites enforcement problems because bears will be poached or taken in areas where sale is prohibited and presented for sealing in GMUs that allow this: such “bootlegging” of bears has occurred in the past when GMUs have inconsistent regulations and there is a commercial incentive for violation.
  • Commercialization of bear hides establishes a precedent which may lead to pressure for the sale of other lucrative parts like gall bladders. Such trade in parts fosters illegal activity and creates a opening for elements that engage in the worldwide trade in endangered species.

Proposal #23 also allows for the same day airborne hunting of bears and the harvest of female and young bears in Unit 20E:

Suggested comments:

  • Current bear harvest regulations in 20E are already very liberal.  Additional hunting pressure risks over harvest and jeopardizes sustained yield. The slow reproductive rate of bears means that management mistakes may not be obvious until it is too late to correct them without damage to the population.
  • Same day airborne hunting of bears has historically not been permitted in the state because of past abuses and enforcement problems associated with highly mobile aircraft in remote areas. The practice also invites violation of 5AAC 92.080 (5), which prohibits harassment, herding, chasing and molesting wildlife with motorized vehicles.
  • Before any further liberalization of bear hunting regulations in this Unit are considered, translocation of bears should be evaluated, using the McGrath Adaptive Management Plan guidelines.

Proposal #27 amends the wolf control plan for Unit 19D to include the control of black and brown bears.

Suggested comment:

  • There is no biological information provided to justify lethal control of bears in this area. Populations are considered to be low or moderate, with no estimates of bear population density cited.
  • Translocation of black bears from this area has proved to be an effective measure to reduce predation on moose and can be continued for grizzly bears as a preferable control measure if needed.

Proposals #116, #127, #128 allow for the use of snow machines to pursue wolves and bears in GMU 20E and wolves in GMUs 21, 24 and 25C.

Suggested comments:

  • Snow machine hunting invites driving, herding and harassing other wildlife in violation of state and federal laws.
  • Chasing animals with mechanized vehicles is counter to fair chase hunting practices and contributes to the perception that Alaska sanctions inappropriate methods and means to take game.
  • The past history of abuse involving shooting from snow machines in the pursuit of wolves and other furbearers makes enforceability a major concern.
  • Bears are especially vulnerable after emerging from dens; pursuit at this time with snow machines is unprecedented and unethical.

With only a few hours left to speak up for Alaska’s wolves and bears, I strongly urge you to make your voice heard.


Caroline Kennedy
Director of Field Conservation
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Time is of the essence. We need your help to spread the word about these awful new proposals. Please forward this message to your friends in Alaska right now.

Posted: Feb 23, 2006 3:43am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: Save Canadian Seals!  
Focus:Endangered Species
Action Request:Write E-Mail
From the Human society of United states I post this alert: Please write e-mails!
Thank you for taking action to help stop Canada's massive seal hunt.  By pledging to boycott Canadian seafood, you and hundreds of thousands of other concerned individuals are using our economic power to stop this cruel slaughter.
The Humane Society of the United States is committed to working with the Canadian government to permanently end the seal hunt.  With the recent election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, we have renewed hope that 2006 will be the last year that seals are clubbed and shot by Canadian fishermen for their fur.  Please join us in urging Prime Minister Harper to end the seal hunt forever.

As Prime Minister Harper begins his term, we must do everything in our power to influence the Canadian government and save countless baby seals. 

Canada is sensitive to world opinion, and its fishing industry is vulnerable to the conscientious decision of hundreds of thousands of people to refuse to buy Canadian seafood until the hunt has ended.  Let the new government know that you stand with all of the committed individuals who are dedicated to stopping this annual slaughter.

More than 220,000 seal supporters have already pledged to boycott Canadian seafood, sending a clear message to a fishing industry that makes only 2% of its income from killing seals. In the months since the boycott was launched, more than 400 seafood wholesalers, restaurants, and grocery chains have pledged support for the campaign. Already, the value of Canadian seafood exports to the United States has declined by more than $150 million. The hunt is not only cruel and inhumane -- it is economically unnecessary. 
The next step in our coordinated campaign is to convince Prime Minister Harper to use his power to end the hunt.  He's already voiced opposition to the Canadian seal hunt --
tell him to make a real commitment to protect seals and end the hunt.
Thank you for joining us in our fight to abolish the vicious seal hunt forever, and for everything you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

P.S. Get frequent updates from Rebecca Aldworth, our director of Canadian wildlife issues, who will be on the ice throughout the hunt to witness and report.
Click here.

have pledged support for the campaign. Already, the value of Canadian seafood exports to the United States has declined by more than $150 million. The hunt is not only cruel and inhumane -- it is economically unnecessary.
, sending a clear message to a fishing industry that makes only 2% of its income from killing seals. In the months since the boycott was launched, more than 400 have pledged support for the campaign. Already, the value of Canadian seafood exports to the United States has declined by more than $150 million. The hunt is not only cruel and inhumane -- it is economically unnecessary.

Posted: Feb 22, 2006 12:41am | (0) | (0) |  
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